It is the dead time of the year

and the only one that is really posting on a regular basis is grasshopper.

Soon he will be arguing with himself and that will prove what we all know…

it is just a bunch of nonsense.

crickets… crickets… crickets…

How about that Tiger Woods! Now that is determination! Never giving up due to moral sinning and health reasons. It’s possible to work through our challenges and not to give up. Not to blame others for our situation.
So, who’s the better golfer? Woods, Nicklaus or Palmer?

Hate golf… perfect waste of pasture land…

This should help…

Also for those interested about Ty Detmer:

Ty Detmer is an assistant high school coach. :-/~

Williams is a good transfer. There’s a couple of them looking at BYU.

I like what Jamaal Williams said after he had his brush with the honor code. He believes in loyalty and that’s why he stayed at BYU. There’s a guy with honor. Just like Brandon Daives was. They honor their words and commitments. Class act persons.

Actually, it was his mother that told him he needed to go back and face the music… Great Mom!

You have a reference for that?
Read the Salt Lake Tribune June 24th, 2018 by Kragthorp and what Jaamal said about loyalty being a big thing. And the final paragraph that he’s an advocate of the honor code.

There is an honor code and it is great.

There are different ways to implement it and many of those aren’t so great.

So, which is your biggest objection to how it is implemented?

I would say the that they are more focused on the letter of the law, rather than the spirit of the law. handing our harsh penalties for lesser “sins”.

I also think they should expel all people who snitch… that would sure stop it from happening, with that being said it is my personal opinion though.

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What Floyd said…

It has been 30 years since I graduated. I imagine things have changed a lot so my comments should be taken in context because my perspective probably isn’t that accurate currently.

My experience was too much focus on nit picky little things and not really seeing the big picture. It resulted in a lot of hypocrisy and ridiculous wastes of time. Just not implemented effectively.

So, you spent a lot of time in detention with a dunce hat on :rofl:

Stopping stitchers would stop the rules from being broken? Are you sure?
Sounds like they handle the athletes correctly.

The problem with snitchers is they could have a variety of reasons for doing so. It could be jealousy, dislike, a need to feel important, or a variety of questionable motives. Very seldom is it probably done out of love, caring or compassion. More important-it could be far from accurate, which could lead to negative consequences from a skewed perspective. Like I’ve said before, this was a common practice in the old USSR regime. Is this what we are supposed to be striving for? Does this entail any Christlike teachings? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

The USSR! Good grief! Settle down!!! You sound like a scumbag liberal Demorat!

Perhaps people are interested at BYU keeping the campus different than secular campuses that promote loose morals and unethical behavior. And, not the reasons you gave…

As usual you are being boarish and over-reacting. It’s no wonder people don’t want to interact with you. Calm down and quit being such a jerk. The USSR comparison was simply a comparison of entities that encourage members to inform on each other to facilitate more control. You have no clue about my political leanings, but no clue has never stopped you in the past, so why now? Have a good day🙂

Oh, I apologize! I keep forgetting that young people and liberals need safe spaces.
I think using a brutal tyrannical country to equate to BYU is way over the top. And, that was my point.
If I see something wrong that I shouldn’t try to solve I go to authority too. You will have to share examples of where you think it’s over the top.

Once again you fail to grasp the context in real circumstances as you always do in athletics. There is little use in trying to explain it to you as I’m sure it won’t hit home anyway. In actuality I’m very conservative, but I would never stoop to calling a liberal a scumbag. It represents something missing in your personality and though you represent yourself as being “religious” your dialogue hardly seems representative of Christ like attributes. I can almost guarantee a similar response from the majority of this board. But no matter-you are entitled to your opinions- and I respect that right-I just have the right also not to waste my time responding.

So, you don’t have any examples except BYU students represent the Stalin approach to life. And I’m the unkind one. I just wanted an example.

Once again you fail to grasp the context. It could be the USSR or any number of fascist states and it’s not comparing BYU to any one of them as an entity. It’s the concept of relying on citizens or in BYU’s case students or faculty to turn in fellow students for violations of honor code conduct. The reasons are variable as previously stated and in many cases prejudicial in nature. Picture a society where everyone is a policeman, everyone policing their neighbor. My first year at BYU we had dorm mothers policing the hair length or beard evidence of not having shaved. Of course what was an appropriate hair length varied from perspective to another based on an individual’s likes or dislikes. If BYU is adamant about their HC, it is the people who are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing that HC, not the general student population’s job as informers to aid them. That is exactly what happens in fascist states-getting the general population to inform on each other, thus creating an atmosphere of mistrust in everyone as in 1984 “Big brother is watching”. I try and be a good neighbor, helping where I can, but I don’t try and police my neighbors to make sure they are not going 30 in a 25 zone. I can’t explain it to you any better, so this will have to do! Have a good evening