It may be time for Rose to go

The lazy recruiting aside, how many solid non lone peak guys is he going to run out of the program before fans realize there is something wrong at the top. I was bashed years ago for the Carlino info I posted after talking to his family, I’ve been bashed on here for saying the program would suffer under him for lazy recruiting years ago, and now that it’s clear the final 4 teams so many of the cool aid drinking fans were consuming 3-4 years ago are no where close, will fans finally realize there are issues with the program and it may not be something that can be fixed without cleaning house.

KC, I certainly was on the LP bandwagon and time will tell if it was a failure or not. We did get a number of top 100 recruits from the LP signings so I don’t think that the verdict is out. You can call it bashing or you can call it a difference of opinion but I personally never try to get personal if I disagree on this board, something we all need to keep in mind when we post…would we say the same things if we were face to face with that same person.

In terms of Rose and the program, We both agree that Rose is feeling the heat of Fans verbally expressing their displeasure with the following:

  1. poor use of the bench. Jeff Chatman spells it out. Talent leaving because of favoritism should never happen.
  2. poor coaching technique both on offense and especially on defense.
  3. lazy recruiting

Rose may be making changes but I am with you, he looks tired and out of fire and he may just be the problem. BYU is a worldwide footprint and we need a coach, like Sitake that goes after anyone, anywhere that can boost the team. Sitake also has some pretty heady coaches working for him whereas I have little faith in any of the bball coaches

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Jim Hawks is squarely in agreement with you on recruiting. Too many Utah recruits. We should be able to cast a wider net than that with the church’s international reach. Rose has 3 years left on his contract. I don’t know how much he earns but I’m pretty sure he is set financially. What some coaches miss when they retire is the adulation from fans and the camaraderie of the coaching circles and with your own staff. It can be hard to give that all up. But, head coaching positions were never meant to be tenured positions where you coast your last five years. If I were Rose, I’d give up the position and retire if I knew I didn’t have the competitive drive any longer. Losses to UVU and our last two games of the season were really bad. Rose has lashed out at fans during interviews which never sets well with the fans. It would be interesting to know what Tom Holmoe is thinking and planning.

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How many times did I bring these issues up, only to be criticized for my “hating on the LP3” perspective? Truth is it was never about any of that. It was always about doing what was best to make the program successful.

When I talked about favoritism and no accountability, so many disagreed with that perspective even though it seemed obvious. It was always - Rose is playing the best players… none of the other guys can contribute… the LP3 won a HS national championship… and on and on it went.

The claims of how great this team got along… are they accurate? I am someone who doesn’t listen as much as I observe and watch. I am a do as I do person, not a do what I say person. Words mean nothing next to actions.

I just hope the program can get back on track. The twitter thing from Jeff Chatman is troubling but I sort of believed this was the case all along. It just didn’t add up… all the comments about law school. Now we see multiple players leaving, or are they being chased out again? The program is doing things the WRONG way. We only need new coaching if they are too proud to change the approach. People can change what they do and how they do it… I hope they are willing.