It’s Gonzaga Tonight!

We are a 14.5 point underdog. Is that about right or are we going to play great defense and shoot lights out?

Should have been double that underdogs in points… 29 was about right but they didn’t take the officiating into consideration that always favors Gonzaga.

Come on. That had nothing to do with this game. A team shoots almost 70% for an entire game, give credit where it’s due.
Gonzaga really didn’t foul much. They don’t need to. The difference was their 2 point shooting and our 2 point shooting. They make short and midrange shots and we don’t. Well, we did get back to 7 points by making the non-3 point shots. Then, we started missing them. What’s the difference? Simple. We have 3 star players and they have almost all 5 star players. They are under control with great technique and skill. We are leaning, falling and hoping a shot goes in.
Another thing, watch their offense and ours. Uggg…They have a complicated skilled multiple attack offense and we have a weave and hope someone is open or shoot a difficult shot.

Gonzaga fan…

Go post on their board.

So, if I don’t buy into your referee conspiracy I’m now a Gonzaga fan… Because I point out problems with the offensive or defensive scheme of BYU? Yet, when You and others do the same with Football, and point out challenges then that is okay. Hmmm…

You said it, not me. You also said all of these things -

Nobody fouls because they need to unless it is the end of the game and they are trying to come back or stop the clock.

Try not to contradict yourself in the same sentence, that also shows your fandom for the Zags.

They fouled regularly fighting through screens and holding our players but the officials looked the other way because they are intimidated by Few and the Gonzaga players. On several occasions our players made some of their players look silly, especially on defense, and the Zags would whine about it as if they shouldn’t look bad on defense.

It is obvious you are a big fan of theirs so go troll their fan board…

They weren’t fouling like you think. You can’t see fouls anyways as you never called any yourself :joy:

Like I said, stop trolling cougarfan and start posting on the Gonzaga fan baord.

Need to take this grasshopper to Mark Few tacklebox when he comes here to Provo Canyon flyfishing trip with Fish on February 5th

You have to include Tlamier and Fish and others who basically said the same thing.