It was announced today

It was announced today that PAC 12 teams can go out and schedule non conference football teams.

How about Oregon Utah, & BYU?

Also, conference teams do not need a 500 season to be eligible for a bowl this year (NCAA).

BYU still has two openings, Who on this site has the ability to contact
our HC & AD?

I don’t see it happening. Utah doesn’t want to lose a game if they ever play. Other top teams as well. BYU is almost a lock for a top Bowl that will pay them a lot for a season like this.

Can someone please explain the rationale given for making this decision now? I think we are spiking Covid cases higher than we have since this plandemic began so the Pac-12 has decided NOW is a great time to schedule more football games?

Is common sense and logic part of the equation in decision processes anymore?

Now why do we have more cases? Maybe it’s because of the effort by the liberal Democrat Politicians and their media to get people to test a lot more. And this we find more people who are a symptomatic or have a slight cold. A few more are hypochondriacs so they run to the hospital demanding to get on a ventilator. Then, businesses are shut down and the commie Newsome declares Marshall Law with curfews. Idiot!

J Coug,

I agree with your concern completely, but I get a different read.
Either of us good be right or either of us good be wrong. I am not sure, but this is what I think:

It is because of the Pandemic, that the NCAA doesn’t want any team in the Pac 12
to push the limit in trying to get enough games played in order to get a bowl, so to help in this case, they take away the requirement of needing a 500 season to earn a bowl. While this helps, rightously so, the Pac 12, it is my opinion, (right or wrong), that the added competition, will make it more difficult for BYU to play New Years Day.
I hope with all of my heart, that this opinion is wrong.

I agree with what you say regarding Utah and possible Oregon.
With the new ruling that Pac 12 teams do not need a 500 season to get a bowl, makes the competition much greater and the New Years Day Bowl for BYU, while still may be possible, is not the as sure of a deal as it was before the new ruling.
Thank you for your reply.


I hate what politics do to people and their reasoning. One can always know which people only listen to Fox News.

And we know which people only listen to CNN and MSNBC because they only know half of anything walking around with half a brain :rofl:

If UCF beats Cincinnati and BYU wins out, BYU will get a New Years 6 Bowl Game.


Generally speaking, In some cases, half of a good brain is worth more the all of a bad brain. Just saying-----

I know. Thawks bad brain is really childish. What to do???

The good thing about Fox news is that they allow for opposite viewpoints. It helps give perspective to every situation and circumstance. They have liberals/democrats expressing their opinions and perspectives on all kinds of things. I actually like some of the stuff they say sometimes…

On the other hand, the others like CNN, MSNBC, etc. NEVER give an opposite viewpoint. They are always loud, obnoxious and one sided perspective… all the time. They have denigrated, criticized and villainized the president of our great nation for 4 years now, NON STOP. It’s disgusting and pathetic.

Well said! Anyone that doesn’t agree with your analysis doesn’t want to be truthful. It’s so obvious when you spend any amount of time on Fox that they do allow for free speech and thought. Not so with the Communist News Network

Utah lost their only game.

We need at least one more quality game to be taken seriously this season. San Diego bombed out on us and is no longer an acceptable serious contender.
We need one of those Pac 12 teams looking for a game.

We should find a Pac 12 team, in need of a non conference game, that we have a
50/50 % chance of winning and play that game. I think that UCLA would be a good
game to play.

PAC12 has too much controls over us. We are ranked 8th not Washington.


I try religiously, each and every day, to spend 30 minutes on each of the opposing channels. Sometimes, when I hear something known to be an outright lie, because I heard the issue being said directly on C-Span, as the issue was being spoken live.

When I hear such a lie, in disgust, I change the channel.

I find that C-Span, and perhaps, British Broadcasting BBS are the only stations
that do not tend to push the button in favor, and more importantly against one party or another.

Political News today, on any station, CNN, FOX, MSNBC,
Fox Business, are all self-serving Promoters hardly portraying real news. I
listen more, not for what they call news, but instead to see what propaganda
one side is using against the other.

I do not like the direction that our government and our news is steering towards.

I hate to hear fanatics lay their lives down on the tracks for an on coming train to devour, to stand up for any of these Political Propaganda shows. To me, is shows more ignorance to what they are doing to us, than it shows knowledge of what is actually happening in our country.

Perhaps we then should spend a few hours in a college class in politics, economy, morality and foreign affairs to get the truth about the news.

Look, on Fox, CNN, MSNBC you get shows that are mostly opinion shows. Occasionally, you get a show with an actual journalist who hides their political preferences. But, to say the opinion shows are propaganda is overreaching. What a person needs to do is get both sides opinions and study them. Find out the truth. Then, use that huge brain and reason out logically the best and most truthful information.
The fact is, Fox has the most balanced opinion person’s of all cable news networks including the leftwing BBC and Cspam.


I am certain that anyone making $millions per year as anchor for Fox New, Fox Business, CNN, or MSNBC, each and everyone of them, like them or not, have a far superior education in classes for politics, economy, and foreign affairs than either of us. The morality issue may be up to interruption, which each of us may or may not differ in opinion as to what that word really means in it’s entirety.


We are not speaking of “thawks” brain. We are speaking of yours and mine, according to the context clues of your post.