It's a Good Thing Utah Didn't Play BYU in 2020... Because

It would have been a massacre for Utah with the score somewhere like what it was with Navy:
BYU 55 Navy 3 except with Utah the score would have been BYU 55 Utah 0… Yes a big fat ZERO.

So, End of an ERA. Back to the Good ole Days of BYU beating UTAH badly. BYU has turned the corner.
And it shows up in this years draft of BYU, where BYU has what is it: 8 draft picks and Utah has 0…
Yes you guessed it again… Yes a big fat ZERO for Utah.

I guess them Chicken Ewe’s (U’s) are in for a decade of being Plucked, Roasted and Devoured…
Don’t you just love it.

Fact: BYU won’t win again until it happens. That doesn’t mean that Utah is head and shoulders above BYU; however. the utes are in BYU’s head. In addition, BYU will be doing a lot of rebuilding.