It's all over but the waiting!

10 minutes until we find out who we are playing in the NCAA Tournament.

wow, how exciting…

a play in game vs. ole miss in two days…

in florida?

Florida part of the west bracket and Seattle part of the east bracket… makes sense.

And I am going to be in California! I’ll call you when I am done in LA Monday and heading north to Vandenberg. It will be closer to dinner than lunch so don’t want to mess up FHE plans. Maybe I could drive back on Tuesday night for Cheetos and KFC with the JimmerHawk and the Grasshopper?

call us and let us know.

Not sure what my availability is but I’ll try.

Ya, give us a call.

Will do gents

Great to share a meal with some great Cougar fans. Made it to Lompoc w/o incident.

Thanks Gary! Great food and company.

thanks again, it was fun.

I could have talked BYU sports all night.

Go Cougars, beat the Ole Rebels!