It's more than stats, but here is what matters

BYU should have shown better on their home floor. When I was at the game vs. Rice, I was surprised to see how many people were there. It must have ben half full. I think after tonight’s game it will start to dwindle.

It was a big production… and I’m not sure why. This team isn’t anything to get excited about but they make a big show out of everything. I would tone it back a little if I was the promo organizer.

As far as the game tonight goes, Houston shot over 50% and was better at 3 point shooting too. they had more assists and rebounds as well as more fouls. BYU has no excuse for playing that poorly as a team, other than the old refrain coming back and that is that BYU always relies on one or two players… and it doesn’t work against teams like this.

Business as usual for this season and the next several as Rose got an extension.

Houston is a extremely well coached team. The coach his resume he is long as a head coach both in college in the NBA. The recipe was simple double-team Yolie and harass TJ. Alas we are too young at the other positions and Sejaas is just never going to be a prime time player
Has the NBA coach would say, Rose is tired and he should retire.

Amen Jim H. “…As Rose got an extension.”

As I tried to explain to Hopper last year, BYU is weak in the post. Baxter has potential, but it isnt going to mean a lot this year. Child’s is the only legitimate inside presence and even he is a little undersized. BYU has a lot of shooters, but not much toughness outside of Nixon, whom I really like, but so far is having a tough shooting year. Haws is playing pretty well the last 4 games. Lee is better than Worthington, but a long ways from being a good big man. Watching Gonzaga tonight reminds me of how they are every year. They play great defense and share the ball really well. This year they are shooting the three pretty well and Hachimura is playing well down low. They aren’t as talented as Duke or Kansas or Virginia, but overcome that with great defense and great ball movement. Definitely a top ten team, though probably not a #1 like they are now ranked. Read an article about Toolson and Chatman leading their teams to tournament wins. I don’t need to say anymore about that. BYU needs to expand their recruiting for frontline players. They have more than enough gunners to last 4 years

BYU looks like it has a two man team, Childs and Haws. No inside game.

Hardnett could add a lot but doesn’t come ready to excel in every game.