Jaren Hall, playing baseball

I think THawk has been saying this: Wilson better look over his shoulder but Jaren Hall is a better athlete. I don’t know about that but I now believe that Hall is a rare athlete. Will it help his football career? Who knows but Hall.

Wilson has chosen to spend all his time prepping for the NFL. Hall may have his sights on the NBL, knowing that he would have a longer career and have his limbs intact as an old man. Interesting to see what spring ball brings.

Fame and glory win out :slight_smile:

Is Hall a dual threat QB - passer and runner? I didn’t see any passing that he played last time - either he hand off to RB and he ran several times on his own. If he runs a lot like Taysom Hill, he might get injure.

MLB is a long term sport not getting hurt like you do in NFL.

Remember Ryan Hancock with that cheeap shot by Utah? He didn’t play very long in the MLB & Japan.

Hall is a dual threat passer runner. Better passer in-terms of accuracy than Taysom was. Wilson reads defenses a bit better but the athletic ability gives an edge to Hall. He is an excellent runner and I think we are going to find out just how good he is this next season. It never hurts to have 2 excellent QB’s on the roster.

The DL is packed every MLB season. All sorts of injuries happen.

No it doesn’t but Wilson is the QB until he does what Tanner started to do. Panic. 18 for 18 in a bowl game is tough to pass up and end up at Utah.