Jaxson Robinson redux

This is a repost because I forgot to categorize my initial post, etc.:

Talk about a surprise commitment. Jaxson Robinson was a great high school player but hasn’t done much in college. Let’s hope Pope can resurrect Jaxson’s career. Of the two names that have been reported–Kim Aiken, Jr., and Noah Waterman–one may be on the outside looking in. Aiken seems the most likely because he’s the same size. But from listening to Jake Hatch’s podcast, it sounds like Aiken’ is ready to commit if he can get admited to grad school.

We need centers. Are their any that are coming?

Noah Waterman visits next week. He is 6’11" but not a true center. He had a growth spurt and went from 6’2" to 6’11" super fast in high school, so he actually played a lot of guard and is very comfortable shooting–and making–the 3. I think of Magic Johnson without the speed and skill.

Waterman would be a good fit for Pope but zero inside help. both there kids can kill it from 3. We need one more big guy to bang with.

Waterman signs with BYU! This is a great recruit. He’s a 4 who can stretch the defense opening up Fousse in the paint.