Jazz fans rough day ahead

Greg Miller stepping down and I’m hearing him and his brother are going to be in a lot of legal trouble very soon, felony type, locked away forever type trouble. Not going to be a good time for Utah news.

Why do you like spreading rumors so much???

I won’t comment on this specific situation but I will say there are more than a handfull of mormons in Utah that should be in jail for stealing others’ money.

No worries, their time in hell is coming.

Always spreading the crap…

If you spread crap, at least have the decency to show you source…

from the news, the LHM group is moving to a corporate ran organization from a family run business.

they will have a board of directors that is FROM OUTSIDE of the LHM group.
family members will be part of the board, still have a majority say, but they are doing this to make the Larry’s empire more stable and able to grow (they compare it to what Sam Walton did with Walmart).