Jimmer Fredette's night in Pelicans' win over Suns


It’s good to see Jimmer have the chance to get extended minutes on the court and, in this case, hit a pair of free throws to seal the game. His chances to contribute in the NBA have been few and far between, so let’s enjoy this one.

Here’s a great quote from the story linked above from The Times-Picayune: "I love those pressure free throws. It’s something that I’ve been doing my whole life. I definitely love taking those shots at the end.’’

Good to see Jimmer getting more playing time.

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Same ol story. Jimmer gets in, he plays well, he gets benched. Jimmer will make a nice living for years coming off the bench because of his potential. Just give the kid 10 games and see how it pans out.

Agreed. Shooters need rhythm to get going.