Jimmer is back in the NBA

Jimmer signs with the Suns. He still has to be released as he signed for 2 years with an option in the 2nd year.

Wow, no one cares about Jimmer.

You said that nobody ever goes and plays overseas and then comes back to play in the NBA.

You were wrong.

We will see what happens. See if he stays for next year…

regardless, he did the exact thing that you said no BYU player has ever done, even though there is evidence that several players have done it.

Will see next year…there’s only 10 games left and he’s just getting some fun in.

Doesn’t matter, former BYU player, Jimmer is back in NBA coming from overseas.
I sure hope the Suns will let Jimmer play many minutes just to see how he does on the floor, win or lose.

It doesn’t matter to you. But, he’s just there for a visit. We will see if he runs the team from the point next year and makes it.

There is no “will see next year”. You said what you said and it was wrong.

Will see next year :slight_smile: