Jimmer MVP/Breaks DLeague AS Game Scoring Record

All star games are hard to watch, because there is zero team defense and guys don’t even pretend to try half the time. But Jimmer was still the best player on the court, BY A MILE. With his 35 came 7-7 from 2 pt land, including some drives to the hoop, turnaround fadeaways, a couple floaters; it was all good. The East took a big lead with him on the floor. When he was out, the West went back ahead by about 5. Then Jimmer came in and scored 10 in the last 4 or 5 minutes of the game, including the two FTs with 3 seconds left for the East to win by 4. It is fun to see him playing with joy and confidence. He also looks like he has been putting in serious time lifting when he is not playing.

So why isn’t he on a nba roster somewhere? Every season there are guys that are brought up from the d-league… it is like triple A baseball, and many of them are better than current nba players, with some of them becoming starters and impact players.

Nobody can tell me that the Sixers or Lakers or some other crappy team couldn’t improve their lot using a guy like Jimmer.

More evidence of what a joke the nba is… it is all about thugs, tats, hip hop, no morals, etc. and this is what our society showcases for all to aspire to.

one word…Defense.

I have always thought that Jimmer is NBA worthy and if he doesn’t not stick with a team this time, he will make a boat load of money in Europe. Best thing he ever did was sign with a D league this season.

Right on Jim H/ Ever hear of reverse discrimination. The blck majority does not want the Jimmer on an NBA roster.

Well, in 1820, a young boy… :slight_smile:

Seriously? WOW using the race card…

When Greg Popavich gave Jimmer a shot for making the spurs and Jimmer failed to do it, Was it race OR was it that Jimmer can not play a lick of defense?

“Pop” has been known to resurrect careers and use the talents the player has to implement them into his system… But according to you it is based on reversed discrimination… LOL

Seriously, who plays defense in the NBA? I think the Jimmer can’t play defense thing is overdone. He is a white boy so the stereotype is that he is slow and can’t play D. There are worse defensive players on NBA rosters. He needs to get a mohawk, die his hair purple, and get a few tatoos, and then he will be the right kind of white guy. Maybe a criminal charge or two wouldn’t hurt and become buddies with Ron Artest.

I noticed Jabari Parker is still clean cut without tatoos. But I will say this, when Ainge first began with Boston, that coach was a jerk with Ainge. Danny would make a defensive error and was immediately pulled. Slow white guy. But, as time went on, Ainge got better at defense and became a great one on one defender. The last person I can remember that could properly slide through a screen.

Yeah, Danny Ainge was a great defender when he did the biting on Tree Rollins :smiley:
Did he?

He would sink in and grit his teeth.
That was part of a scrap he got into on the floor.

Yes, he did become an excellent defender. I wish someone would teach our guys not to lower their shoulders fighting through screens.

You are of course joking, since it was Tree who bit Danny on the hand after Danny tackled him for throwing an elbow and calling him a sissy.