Jimmer still fighting for minutes

Jimmer has been lost on the P’s bench all year. To get real minutes, Jimmer would have to take them from Eric Gordon, who plays a ton (over 30mpg) and has been really terrible all year (9.2ppg on .388/.311 with an abysmal 8.2PER). Gordon is oft injured and known as a particularly bad defender. But Jimmer will never take his minutes, because Gordon makes $15 million this year with a $16m player option for next year. Recently Gordon was hurt and Jimmer got meaningful (22mpg) minutes 3 games in a row for literally the first time all year. He responded by averaging 11ppg on .521/.333 and 6-6fts. The coach also strongly complimented Jimmer’s D during that stretch. Jimmer continues to prove that he can be an effective NBA player when he gets minutes; I just hope he lasts long enough in the league to find a team who will make him an every day part of its rotation.

I don’t get it. If those stats are correct, and I have no reason to doubt, then I don’t get it. This has happened in 3 places now. Sucks for the Jimmer.

This kind of stuff should open people’s (and fans) eyes to what the nba is all about. They pay “stars” big money and hope that they will come through and win games and put rear ends in the seats. But when they don’t (often the case) they just roll with it and play the guy they are paying the most money instead of a guy who might help them win.

This is the situation with most teams, except those teams that are winners (and they still struggle with it because they want to maximize their investments regardless if those investments are performing). When a player who is not being paid much performs it puts them in a difficult spot. It is a chess match and back and forth game that is going on constantly.

Nobody is ready or willing to pay Jimmer the big money contract because then they would feel obligated to play him and they’re not sure he would help them win games consistently, therefore he becomes a backup or spot player, regardless of how well he plays.

It is more about the show (paying the big name actor) than it is winning games, etc. I have, and still do, maintained that is what is going on.

what could be a bigger draw then the “great white hope”?

WE have all known that Jimmer can play if he gets the minutes…play him!

Good to hear from you, JH. You and I have seen eye to eye on the JF situation from day one. I’m pretty cynical about the NBA. I recently re-read David Halberstam’s famous “Breaks of the Game” book about Dr. Jack Ramsey and the Trail Blazers’ championship era. Dr. Jack had an idealism about team basketball, fluidity, and respect that is all but dead in today’s NBA. All all levels, when players don’t have to earn minutes or respect their coaches, it can result in something pretty ugly.

It was nice to see Jimmer get some minutes last night and Rivers stuck on the bench. Hope it stays that way.

I’ll take what I can get, but you hardly break a sweat in 10 minutes. His line isn’t bad, 5 points, 1-2 from three point range, but still only 1-4 shooting. This big stat of the night, however, 3 turnovers. Not gonna see minutes like that. I feel bad for the kid, though, because he knows unless he makes an impact right away, he’ll be relegated to the bench the second half. Tough spot.

Jimmer had 5 points (all on ft’s) 2 assists and a steal in 12 minutes last night but the team still lost. He did have the best +/- ratio of anybody on the team at +6 for the game so that was good.

Among many other reasons, I know this has been a positive aspect of his game. When he is on the floor the team seems to play better overall.

Jimmer needs to be selfish and look for his shot. After all, it is the NBA way

Jimmer had a couple of nice assists against the Celtics and they were +6 when he was in the game even though they lost. It was good to see him play!

We recorded the game and watched it during the ample halftime and commercial breaks during the NC game. The Pels actually pulled away by about 6 early in the 4th when Jimmer was playing the point; he hit AD three times in a row downcourt for buckets–two beautiful passes for dunks–and then they pulled him from the game. The Pels’ momentum immediately died and they were outscored 26-12 in the final 7 minutes. But even a blind man could see that the team was good when Jimmer played the point. Jimmer missed a layin and an easy floater, but overall played very well, particularly on D, where his man got nothing. I’m encouraged for his new opportunity with Rivers gone and minutes available.

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I read in Desnews somewhere that Jimmer is starting to get more minutes and one of the brothers of the player is tweeting that it is not fair Jimmer is taking his brother minutes…

Interesting how that turned around.

Oh, 2 weeks ago they gave Jimmer 20+ in 3 straight games (he played awesome in all 3 games) and sat Austin Rivers. Austin Rivers’ brother then sent out some messages complaining. It backfired on Jimmer when his brother did it and it appears it pretty well backfired on Rivers as well…

Jimmer’s highlight reel alley oop pass to Rivers speaks volumes to the kind of person and player Jimmer is. He is totally unselfish in a league that rewards selfish play.

I’m not sure he can fundamentally change who he is for the sake of the league…