Json Buck want to go back to MWC

This is the 2nd article that Jason Buck brought up, wanting to go back to G5 conference.

Amazing, it is breaking his “Heart Out” about not going back to mwc.

I say stay where we are till the next big change in 2024 or 2025 (If it does happen).

Should we go back to mwc or G5? Or what?

It’s a tough choice for me.

Weren’t we consistently a ranked team while still in the MWC? Since then, not so much. Plus there was the excitement of playing for and winning a conference championship and playing rivals year after year.

But since independence, I’ve seen virtually every BYU game on TV, often on ESPN. Before independence, not so much. We are now playing a wider variety of teams, and occasionally, we pull off a big win–like the Wisconsin game last year, or the Texas games with Hill at QB.

However, I think being a ranked team trumps even seeing every game of the year. I’d prefer a conference schedule again, I think.

He never said that… He said BYU needs to go back to a G5 conference and if they had burned the bridge with the MWC, find another one…

Let’s be a little honest here, what he says is very true, USU is not beating us on a regular basis, Utah owns us and BYU seems to have just stagnated.

I went to school with Jason. Lets just say that he was/is a nice guy. He would also be challenged to get into BYU with his academics … today. That is all I will say. He was a big powerful athlete but not a super scholar.

I am not a supporter of playing a weak schedule. I am not a big Holmoe fan as you all know. I wasn’t a Rose fan the last 5 years. But, I do think I see something in Sitake. I think he will turn out to be a great recruiter and his athletes will be better than Broncos athletes. I want to give him 3 more years to get everyone in his program and see what he can do.

Pope has energy and he is extremely eager to please fans and students. My perception is that Pope and Madsen would have both been good hires and Madsen May turn out to be the best… but he could be the heir apparent in 10 years.

I think Indy in FB is fine right now. Could it be better? Sure. But our problems, IMO, are coaching and recruiting based. We solve those issues and it doesn’t matter if we are Indy or league based. I can tell you one thing, recruits love the Indy FB schedule and BYUtv is a major recruiting plus.

My wife and I were in the same ward with Jason and his wife at BYU (Wymount) and very nice guy. I stay with Indy till the next big change in college format (year 2025). BYU should join the P5 (or is it P4 format?) if invited, if not go back to G5. The G5 will more likely be change too, and we will see some bottom feeders P5 going to be left out of this new P5 format. I stay at Indy for now.

I went to BYU 1979 to 1985 and saw that we won preety easy schedule in WAC days was nice. Watching during those MWC was getting old and time for change. I wasn’t happy we didn’t get in the Pac12/Little12 and seeing utah got in the pac12, just hated it. Indy, why play those bad games in November every year, and LOSE to those G5 for the last few years really frustrating.

BYU basketball: This time we got Coach Mark Pope and I am looking forward to new season. But if things don’t go well then we can pick up Mark Madson as our next guy that he is coaching at UVU.

I think BYU should stay pat as well until the “Shakeup” in 2024/2025 time frame. If they do not get in a P5 league at that time, then maybe they could look at a G5 league or help create a new G5 league like they did with the MWC.

I do believe that Independence is not long term sustainable. I think they need to do whatever they can to get into a P5 league in the meantime.

How about the American Athletic Conference, the next P-5/6 conference.

AAC might happen if we get other half from the west…BYU, Boise St. SDSU, TCU (left out), ISU, Baylor, etc. Then ACC playoff to get invite to NY6 or somewhere.

Dido, Buck is wrong. Sure BYU could go back to the MWC and pull a BSU once and a while but would ESPN keep the BYU/ESPN contract if we did. One thing BYU has managed to do with ESPN is to air national televised games almost weekly, even during our crappy years. With a new contract TBA and a very sound BYU team for 2020, I would say, stay the course and win, let the cards fall where they may and see where we land in 2025.

They also help schedule some of those “hard to schedule” teams. I know ESPN has helped (with their influence) get some of the bigger named teams to come to Provo.


It is easy to look good playing teams that any P5 team can beat. Having 8-4, or 9-3 or even 10-2 seasons doesn’t mean anything to me if we can not play as close as possible to a P5 schedule and have the same outcome.

Beating up on G5 teams, means that we can only look good vs. mid-major teams.
That in part, is what makes us a mid-major team. I don’t want that for our Cougars.
They can be better than that with the proper support.

When given enough time and when given enough resources, to get the coaching power, that can recruit athletes that can successfully compete vs the P5 teams, we will eventually be a deserving P5 Brand of a team, be it as an Independent team or be it as a P5 conference member. No pain, no gain.