Just curious about Basketball

Reading the local papers, I have seen several articles about Utah and USU coaching and players recruitments…

NOTHING about BYU basketball…

Does anyone else feel it is a bit eerie that nothing is coming out of BYU Basketball? No recruitment news, coaching news, etc.?

The only in the past month is all about the departures…

Makes me wondering what is going on behind the scenes… Who replaces Burgess?

From what I’ve heard from Jake Hatch and read from Vanguish the Foe: Rudi Williams is expected to commit to BYU within the next week. Antoine Davis has narrowed his favorites to KSU and BYU. He will commit to one or the other on Monday. KSU has been the favorite for the past few weeks, but BYU is closing strong. UMKC’s Josiah Allick–who looks a lot like Caleb Lohner, imho–is scheduled to visit next week. IUPUI freshman center Chuks Isitua should also be visiting within the next two weeks. He is an Atiki clone. No word on the coaching replacement in the past couple of weeks. I was thinking Barret Peery might be the guy, but he makes $500,000 at Texas Tech. Burgess made less than $200,000 at BYU.

Williams would be a great addition. I could see him scoring 20+ a game. Need one more good transfer point and Davis to choose BYU.

$130,000 ish at byu. will be hard to replace

I see that on the football side, they are doing all these things like adding additional personnel to the team to prepare for going to the BIG 12.

Have you heard if they are doing the same thing on the basketball side?

BTW, nice “catch” on your Facebook page.

Yes, they are beefing up on all their sports in prep for the Big 12

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Nice basketball catch. Rudi Williams commits to BYU

Reno was the second to last area on my mission. Pyamid lake was part of my area when I was in sparks.

You know what they say in Reno, right? You are so close to Hell that you can see “Sparks”! LOL

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Antoine Davis stays at Detroit. Too bad! It came down to the NIL.

Finally an article about BYU basketball in the local papers…

BYU basketball: How close is Mark Pope to finalizing roster? | Opinion - Deseret News

there is a lot to read in this article.

Rudi Williams is a serious get for Pope. More on that later…

Everything I read has NIL money in it. The reason why we missed on the Detroit Mercy kid was NIL money (he got a six figure deal from a chinese co, that ought to tell you how much $$ blue chippers are making). These players are shopping. Probably why Lohner transferred to B 12 land and all that oil money. Come to think of it, the Big !2 could pull off a seismic cue in both football and basketball if it uses it’s limitless NIL opportunities tied to OIL. BYU will eventually be tapping into that $$ if they have any IQ sense.

Also, it’s being reported that former Louisville assistant coach Kahil Fennel will be the second Black coach for Coach Pope at BYU to replace Burgess.

NIL deal needs to go away. Student athletes are being greedy looking for big $$$ from boosters do you think? And not a whole lot said about BYU basketball program. Nothing being said why a lot of players wanting to transfer and when Mark Pope going to hire replacement assistant coach? Mark pope needs help from his new assistant coach when comes to recruiting.

Should have read my post to Edwards. Hahil Fennell from Louisville.