Just make your shots

And win. Had they shot better against SMU we win.

Thanks for the insight Captain Obvious…

You finally agree if it is obvious :slight_smile:

Has Chatman played at all today? Do you agree that he should be getting more minutes? I just don’t understand what Rose is thinking a lot of the time.

And have you noticed how they start “making their shots” when they play good defense and team basketball on the offensive end with everyone contributing?

If you don’t see that then you aren’t watching the game the way it should be…

He got in for a couple of minutes at the end of the half and yes, he should play more. We might as well get really good with the zone D too.
Note, make shots and win. Make layups and win.

Pacific is out shooting BYU 47% to 44% yet somehow they are losing big.

How do you explain this Mr. Hit shots and win, basketball guru? :smile:

and BYU changed their defense to a 2-3, after which Pacific immediately starts hitting their 3 point shots…

Are you getting it yet?

I’ve already answered this. What we have to do isn’t what they need to do. For them to have won they needed to foul less. We out scored them by 12 points in FT. By the way, that is one of my points to win, make FT. We made 73.3%.
The other thing that happened was because PU didn’t shoot as well as SM, we didn’t get down so far in the 1st half. The second half we were able to make 60% of our FG and won. We need to shoot better in first halves of games.

I’ve figured it out… you are stuck in the late 70’s and you are still in Frank Arnold’s basketball 101 class. You simply cannot think beyond the basics or how and why those basics can change throughout a game.

You need a time machine… it’s 2016 now.

That’s almost funny. Tell me, what are your basics that are different from what John Wooden would have taught? (Arnold was a student of Wooden).
I would say SM plays with good sound Wooden basics in passing, ball handling, shooting, blocking out, sliding on defense and everything else 60s and 70s. We should do the same. Basics haven’t changed LOL!