Kansas, it was a loss all along

I calls it as I sees it………Too many athletes, too much length. Self was going to stick to script. dump the ball down, wear our bigs out and blow by byu guards for easy layups.

Here are the stats:
BYU got to the FT line twice in the Kansas game. Either BYU does not try anything inside, meaning drive to the hoop and we all stand around hucking up 3s or the refs swallowed their whistles. you be the judge.

BYU shot outside 33 times
BYU had 20 turnovers…both stats tell the whole story. Outside of Haws, no one drives to the hoop. Either Pope has to revamp his offense or lose to all tall athletic teams.
This is a glorified church basketball team without inside play-that is all!

Toolson goes 3-9 inside, 1-5 outside -Kansas locked him down as predicted and how did the supporting cast do?
Seljaas 0-4
Harding 2-4
Nixon 2-8 and while I’m on Nixon…5 turnovers, why in the hell is he dribbling the ball…ever??? Works his tail off but come on. I cringe when he touches the ball
Barcello 2-5, the only guy with ball skills to drive and dish…won’t. It’s like he does not have the green light or something…TJ can’t be the only driver, we freaking need you.

IN this game, TJ and Lee are the only 2 guys to show up. ball game.

I think you are a tad too harsh in calling them a glorified church ball team. These guys would be fine with at least one legitimate skilled big man. They would only have one loss. They will get Childs in time for Utah. Too bad Baxter got hurt. With both Baxter and Childs this would be a sure NCAA team. They might be one with just Childs barring anymore injuries.

Gonzaga used to win with players no better than what BYU currently has. You would have to go back about 15 years before they started getting big time recruits but they used to make Sweet 16 runs with talent no better than the current BYU roster.

BYU was competitive the first half. At least it doesn’t appear we will see some of the debacles we saw last year. I don’t see the Kansas game as an embarrassing loss. It doesn’t compare to some of the games from last year. Hopefully it will be the worst loss of the year in terms of point differential. I think BYU will be competitive with everybody else left on their schedule. What is your take on the Virginia Tech game?

one more thing. BYU kept up on rebounding. Kansas got 35, BYU 32

You won’t admit this but the reason we were out rebounded was because we shot 27% from the three point line. Oh, and you won’t admit that I have said that to win we have to shoot above 40% from the three point line. With that said, BYU had to play starters against UCLA to the end. Kansas didn’t in their first game. They weren’t fatigued but BYU was and it showed in the 2nd half. We were only down 2 at halftime.

So, the Church league stuff is a poor statement when you stay with a #4 team most of the game. The game plan worked. What didn’t was our 3 point shooting because of fatigue. The game today with VT may see two fatigued teams. Easy baskets will tell the tale.

Turnovers were a problem mostly due to fatigue and a couple of players not being aggressive enough. Barcello and Harding weren’t squaring up to shoot some open shots or drive. As far as trying to shoot in the paint, unless really open, guards were going to get fly swatted.

Who has the most gas left in the tank will win. I don’t see BYU giving up but bench players are going to have to step up and play. I’m impressed with Lee so far. He’s playing within himself and making layups. Now, if Nixon could do the same.

I agree with you that we are better than our record. We should be 5-2 at the very worst. With Childs, we would be at least that. I’m glad the announcers have been all over the NCAA on the suspension. After the season, I would like to see Childs sue the NCAA. He had a chance to show NBA scouts what he can do against future NBA players and didn’t get the chance. That should be worth $100 million. Wake the NCAA up.

I agree on suing the NCAA. They should have been sued multiple times over the years. They nail the have nots and ignore the sins of the haves. The NCAA is a joke but not a funny joke.

fully agree

Also fully agree

My problem with the Kansas game. BYU outside of TJ does not have the ability to drive inside except for Barcello……this dude can but for some reason does not. Only 2 ways BYU can get to the hoop, exceptional ball handlers (we have 2) or high picks, then any guard can drive past a big

It’s amazing that people watch games and have no clue what they are watching. BYU stayed in the game the first half playing tough zone cover. They didn’t shoot well, but neither did Kansas and BYU doubled and tripled whenever the ball came inside. Self must have really reamed out the Jayhawks at halftime, because they came out and suffocated BYU with as good a defensive effort as I’ve seen this year. Make a few outside 3s and that zone becomes less effective and coupled with the effort of trying to get good shots yourself and finding a tall, athletic player in your face at every turn-well you get a fatigued, frustrated player. Of course you are going to stay in the game if you make plus 40 percent of your threes-anyone can figure that out-the problem is you are getting no looks from 15 feet in and most of your 3 looks are desperation, clock winding down heaves. Like you and I both said-this was predictable and give BYU credit for an inspired first half and give Kansas credit for clamping the screws down in the 2nd half. This game was a turnover fest for BYU, but this game turned out like you and I and everyone else that has a clue knew it probably would. Defense is the name of the game

I would go with the latter, because on the sports show they showed how TJ got mugged by the Kansas player and the ref right there didn’t call anything.

Harding has been shooting 3’s well. He had several open looks but didn’t shoot. He didn’t get into triple threat position to shoot the ball when open. We had open looks. Especially in the first half. Barcello had some open looks and opportunity to drive. But, other than Haws, who can score over those defenders in the lane?
Lee is showing that when Childs is back, I’d like to see a high low game. He can shoot 3’s. So can Nixon when he goes straight up.

The problem is TJ often flops. He’s offbalanced and refs aren’t going to call them. When he goes up strong he gets more calls. Are you trying to bring back the old ref conspiracy against Mormons thing? We make our 3’s at 40% and make layups we win. Refs or not.

I think part of the problem is that 1) they are all learning a new system and 2) there are a lot of new faces on the team. It will take some time to get everybody on the same page (hopefully before the start of conference).

A real interesting game will be Kansas /Dayton! The Flyers have a shot of upsetting the Jayhawks. In fact -mark it down!:wink:

“Missed by that much!” - Maxwell Smart
Had BYU shot like they did against UCLA, BYU could have played Dayton.
Now, will BYU beat VT?

The problem with the Kansas game:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Intimidation
  3. Kansas bigs kept most from driving and shooting
  4. No Yoli Childs

You called it. Great great game

I was surprise it went in OT but Kansas won. Would have been fun if both Kansas and Duke lose and as well Michigan State losing the VT.
BYU 2-1 in Maui Invitation Tourney!