Kaufusi - Baltimore

I expected him to go higher. I don’t follow the Ravens, what is his opportunity there?

Same as anywhere else. He has to work hard and he will play. 3rd round is good. 16 teams and they all need players other than DE and line backers. He’s got a good shot.

rblack: This goes back to the anti-Mormon attitude of all professional sports leagues, except maybe baseball. Kaufusi was blessed to get drafted by Baltimore. They are a first class organization who has experience with LDS players, i.e. Dennis Pitta and others. Kaufusi will be a good addition to the Ravens defense and has a chance to play on a good competitive team. I saw several defensive players drafted well before Bronson who according to the limited tape that I saw are not nearly as good as Bronson Kaufusi. But good for BK, he was selected by a team that has a positive attitude towards BYU and LDS players.

It seemed like there were a lot of DE’s drafted before Kaufusi was. The Raven’s have had several lds players on their teams over the years.

It’s nice to see that there are teams that still appreciate character and integrity…

It is becoming a rare commodity, not only with individual players, but professional sports teams too.

Jim H: It was quite obvious that character wasn’t very popular in the meat market of the NFL draft as usual. Guys with many problems including PED’s, poor behavior problems and other issues got drafted in the first four rounds.

rblack: John Harbaugh, the Baltimore coach is a good man, who behaves much better than his more famous brother Jim who is now the HC at Michigan after his Trump like stay as HC with the San Francisco 49ers. John’s Ravens team beat Jim’s Niners in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Baltimore is one of the very few LDS friendly teams in the NFL. Dennis Pitta was on the Ravens Super Bowl champions team. There is another BYU player who is a lineman on the Ravens. I believe that Bronson Kaufusi has a great chance with a great organization.

Like txcoug, I was really disgusted by the lack of character of many players drafted. Did any of you see the Laremy Tunsil (OT) debacle? He was shown in a Twitter video wearing a gas mask smoking a bong. He later said his account was hacked, though he did confirm that it was him.

Also, he admitted after the Draft that an Ole Miss assistant football coach gave him money while at Ole Miss. What a circus.