KC another triple double!

I say KC is one of the BYU greats. Great game and see if we can win the next. That will be a tough game against VT.

FINALLY the Rec League is over! No more 50 foul games where we have to watch the subs play the whole game! THANK YOU NIT! That was a great game to watch in large part because the officials stayed OUT OF THE WAY and let the PLAYERS do their thing. I loved that they didn’t call all the ticky-tack crap that we are used to in the Rec League. They let both teams bang away equally and ESPN got a show. Great job by our kids to respond when they were challenged, and #4 on UAB, you showed some mad skills out there to make it a game for awhile.

There were still some bad calls. But, it was a great game!

The officials were
Randy McCall started Rocky Mountain Conference and then MWC and has gone on to be one of the best in the US including multiple final fours
Deron White Big Sky Big West PAC12 WCC MWC
Robert Lehigh most of the ones I could find were Big Sky some from Sunbelt or Horizon

Looks like the NIT pulls from the same pool as the NCAA,ie the best rated refs in the region…

In any event all three mostly ref “rec leagues” of some sort not your beloved NBA or PAC12…

There have been some really bad calls this year. And last night too. Should be interesting tomorrow when the NCAA’s are going on at the same time what we get :slight_smile:

Well that’s nice to know because I am watching the officials in the UNCW-Duke game systematically destroy any hope that Wilmington might have had to win this game. I’ll give you two guesses who one of those officials is… David Hall, who has had an ongoing dislike for Rose and BYU that goes back a long way. Talk about Duke homers… Hall is showing his true colors but it won’t matter. The ncaa politics will continue to give him everything because the ncaa wants a team like Duke to get as far as they can without making it obvious they are helping them get there.

I guess Duke deserves it because of everything they do for college basketball… :wink:

I don’t have a big problem with “bad calls” as long as they are balanced toward both teams and consistent for both teams. Unfortunately that just doesn’t happen like it could. I’m watching Duke and UNCW and the stinking officials won’t make the same calls for both teams. UNCW is having to work and play twice as hard in order to keep the game close. It’s maddening to watch…

Duke will end up shooting gobs of free throws because UNCW had so many calls against them to start the second half…

Harold: thanks for looking that up! I did recognize the one guy with the spiky grey hair as a WCC guy. They were outstanding and balanced the entire game. It is so obvious to me that the WCC mandates all the stupid touch fouls because we saw them game after game after game. Whoever set the tone for the crew last night (likely either McCall or whoever supervised the assignments of NIT officials) did a great job to get the message to the refs to let the players determine the outcome! Yes they let some fouls go, but they did it equally for both teams. I can only remember one actual call I didn’t like–when Emery played perfect D and got called for a cheap shooting foul, right before Davis got hammered on the other end and should have had a plus-1 but it wasn’t called. I barely noticed the refs, and it was awesome that neither team had anyone in foul trouble, so we got to watch the best players for both teams play the whole game!

David Hall doing his best to keep Duke from losing the game. He makes a terrible blocking call, scores the basket for Duke and gives them a free throw (missed) to put Duke up by 8 with 1:30 left but UNCW comes down and hits a 3 to cut the deficit to 5. Hall is so biased it’s ridiculous.

Reed is right, this bugs me more than the Gonzaga thing.

Duke ended up shooting 42 free throws… LOL. Good job David Hall and Co.

I remember Rose asking for Hall not to be an official…but someone likes him

Dave Hall is in his 36th season of officiating basketball with 30 of those years at the NCAA Division l level. He has worked 25 consecutive NCAA tournaments, 2 Final Fours, and the 2000 National Championship Game. His 25 consecutive tournament streak was broken last season due to injury.

Dave Hall knows officiating and what it takes to be successful at any level. He has held basketball officiating camps for 17 years on the front range of the Rockies. In the past seventeen years, Dave has conducted over 70 camps in 4 Rocky Mountain states which have served over 4,000 officials.

Dave is a native of Denver, Colorado. He currently lives in Lakewood, Colorado and works closely with high school officiating. Dave is currently serving as the boys’ and girls’ basketball assignor for the Centennial League in Metro Denver.


He is the Kentucky, Duke, Kansas of college officials/officiating. Nobody is going to question anything he does. He is the king of his own empire and can do anything he wants to.

He wanted Duke to move on so he saw to it that they did. He knew exactly what he was doing on the key blocking call.

somebody else must not like him or he would have had a few more final fours. Or at least McCall who officiated the UAB game who appears to be considerably younger has certainly officiated more final fours…

But are they the same fouls? People think they are but many times not. They just look similar. As a former ref you should know that :slight_smile:

But he’s a creep anyways because a team shoots 42 FT. And, that stat by itself condemns the referee. At least by Jim it does.

Why would I mention it if they weren’t? Inane question…

On another note, big nose is doing the Iona-Iowa St. game and he just made a horrible call against Iona.

Interesting that two of the most biased officials against BYU in the past are doing ncaa games and doing a terrible job I might add.

They “key” blocking call. There weren’t any other “keys” during the game? Like missed shots by the other team?
Hall has always done a poor job officiating. He does all the teaching camps because those who can’t teach :slight_smile:

Did you see the game? I’m sure you didn’t, because even when you do watch a game, you make uninformed comments about it.

Your act is old and tired. It’s time to end it.

Of course the other team missed some shots, but so did Duke. Has any team ever shot 100% in a game? Your obsession with missed shots is bizarre. The fact of the matter was that UNCW wasn’t fouling any more than Duke and the calls were not consistent. What, you never see that happen?

So, UNC makes 33 fouls to Dukes 18 fouls. Certainly then UNC was very aggressive on defense putting themselves in a position to foul. And, to try and win. They shot okay. Played evenly in most stats. Duke out rebounded UNC by 6. Other than that, very even.
Less talent generally means more fouls. So, complain all you want. One call didn’t cause the loss. There are no key times in a game. Every second is equal throughout the game. But, someone has to be a scapegoat. So, artificial ideas like key times in a game are imagined up and used for justification in calling out a referee.
Hall has been accused of disliking Mormons so Rose doesn’t want him at his games. But, UNC isn’t Mormon. So, why would point shave to make it easier for Duke to win? There is simply a continuous barrage of conflicting information by the conspiracy theorists :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure that Rose put Hall on the do not want list because of his calling in games not because of any extraneous reputation you may have heard

Just reiterating my comment above… no need for me to say anything else. Based on my assertion above, your comments were spot on! :stuck_out_tongue: