KC is no longer a Dallas Maverick

Van Noy was traded to the Patriots


I can’t believe KC is not in the nba…

Actually I can. You can’t play in the nba if you are 6’6" and can’t hit a jumpshot from outside 10 feet.

Maybe he could play in China or something.

That better not be a cheap shot on Jimmer playing in China. If you knew what Jimmer’s contract is worth, you’d buy Rosetta Stone to start learning Mandarin, polish up your jump shot, hire an agent, and buy a one way ticket there.

It isn’t a cheap shot. I always thought Jimmer was good enough for the nba but I am glad he is not in this league anymore. I watched the Clippers play Portland last night a little and it just isn’t very fun to watch. The nba isn’t that entertaining actually.

And you are wrong about what I would do if I knew anything about Jimmer’s contract. I stopped chasing that mirage a long time ago. People’s obsession with wealth, fame and glory has created way more problems than it has ever solved.