KC's Legacy? Where would you put him?

There has been a lot of talk about the achievements of Kyle, and without doubt, he will have a record that may never be broken at BYU or even in the NCAA. Yet a lot of Coug fans are disappointed with the lack of wins that seem to overshadow his achievements. So, to test his greatness, I put together my BYU dream team, and he is not on it.
G- Danny Ainge
G- Jimmer Fredette
F- Michael Smith
F- Brandon Davies
C- Kres Cosic
I’m not even sure that he would be on my 2nd string. Can you amagine Jimmer and Danny on the same team?!! I do wish Kyle the best, but I think that he will end up in Europe.

I can’t imagine having Brandon Davies on the list. even third string.

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No Shawn Bradley?

KC will go down as a very good player but I don’t think he is one of the great ones. Was he a Jeff Condon or ■■■■ Namelka? They won national championships in the NIT when the NIT was the big tournament. They also both played in the NBA. How about Fred Roberts, Fred played in the NBA for a dozen years or so. He was a very good player but no means a great one. KC’s story is still being written. Lets see what he finally does. Several have had long careers in Europe and had great accomplishments also. How about Greg Kite. Long NBA career.

I guess you can’t use ■■■■ for a name, it must not be PC. I did not know him by Richard Namelka. This is stupid.

Did we ever have any other player play one and done? Maybe he should be on the list. How great he would have been had he played 4 years? He would have dominated college his last two years. Just saying.

There are others of Ainge’s era. Devin Durrant second leading scorer senior year. Many others.

I can see why Davis, defense and can score when needed. Alan Taylor could also do that with maybe better ability. Greg Kite was a stopper on defense too and actually stayed in the NBA for a long time.
Imagine how Ainge and Jimmer could have scored even easier with KC at the point. And what a nightmare with Smith and a great center.

Making the ncaa tournament should be a requirement to rank any player as a top player in BYU history. If you can carry your team to a ncaa tournament and advance, you deserve to be on the list. If you can’t, and especially in your upper class seasons where you are the focal point of the team and leader of the team, you don’t earn your spot of any list.

Danny and Jimmer will always be the legends of BYU basketball because of the way they elevated and carried their teams and what they did on the big stage.

I would have to disagree. Ainge didn’t do it all by himself. Hardly!!! He had great players surrounding him that didn’t miss layups and free throws. Same with Jimmer. KC didn’t have that this year. He had 5 starters and a couple of subs that were average players. Can’t win more games with that. But KC still had a great year.

KC was consistent, Like you say there were at least 3 players who did not show up to play. Kyle Davis and Mr I’m across half court, I going to shoot it. Then there is our freshman but he showed most of the time and played pretty good defense. No bigs way to often. KC was the only consistent player. If the others played as hard and him and as consistent as he did it could have been a good year. Hero ball just drove me nuts.

How many games would we have won if KC got hurt early on? We wouldn’t be in the NIT either. KC was the team and why we have 23 wins.

Yea KC is why, but he should not have been why. This team never really jelled as a team. They did not really play team ball. Too many turnovers, bad free throw shooting, lazy passes. Hero ball took over way to many times. The discipline just seemed to always be a problem. It is kind of hard to put your finger on it. What do you think, what did the problem really come down to. All I can come up with is symptoms, I cant really put my finger on the problem. I do feel that a really good disciplined point guart solves it though.

The bench never developed. Free throws were poor. Layups and short shots were poor for college players. KC was good. What causes these things is lack of concentration. I’m not sure what happens in practice but some things have to change. Rose will have to play all the players next year and let competition weed out the ones who will quit and transfer.

I didn’t say either of them did it by themselves, but they carried their teams and made huge plays in huge situations that carries their teams to the next level status.

All great players in basketball have this common trait, the ability to carry their team in big moments. Doesn’t downgrade who they play with, in fact they make everyone around them so much better. Magic, Bird, MJ, to name a few NBA greats who carried their teams to greatness while we all know they had great teammates, yet still an example of what I’m talking about, great players carry their team in big moments, very good players aren’t able to do it.


KC for whatever reason despite great stats and great effort hasn’t been able to lift the team. Just as last year Haws wasn’t.

That said if the team can go 5-0 in this tournament the record will be the best since the Jimmer era.
As it is now, still mired as one of the worst teams in the Dave Rose era.
It amazes me how with all time greats, Haws and KC, the team stunk so much last year and the year before…toughness will to win whatever just hasn’t been there and neither KC nor Haws were able to provide the lift

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So, Byrd was only a very good college player? Because he couldn’t win against Magic? Both were great and remained great in the NBA. KC is a great college player. Whether that translates to the NBA only time will tell.

He can’t because there isn’t enough on that team to lift. Yet he has all these triple doubles. He’s great the team is good.

That’s what you understand about what I posted??? Only great players win it all??? That’s classic SG right there. No, basketball fans get the examples I was using, or at least those fans who understand the game.

That’s what you wrote…So, Byrd was only a very good player?