Keep it wierd Portlandia, 2/6 win

Take away
BYU started hot, stayed hot. We did have a lull there at the 10 minute mark and let the Piolets back within 4 but our second half was Blistering hot with:

Toolson, do not touch that dude, or cut his hair. 8-10 from 3.

Childs, starts 1-6 (6 points at the half) then ends up with 22, got all of their big men in foul trouble and killed em in the 2nd.

Barcellos, not only shut down White, their best player, while hitting 5-7 from 3.

Lee, quietly gets 10 rebs

The proud Papa, TJ was frustrated with some truly lousy calls against him, stayed cool about it, and gets his 8 assists.

BYU hit 12-28 from 3land while holding Portlandia to 28% for the field. They, BYU, defended the crap out of the ball, this is NOT your old Rose coached team!!! they are ready to play Dance style!

only gripe? Childs sure misses a ton of FTs.

We are ready for SF on Sat. go Cougs

And SF loses at home to Pacific and SMC trailer last place SDU for much of that game

Its like they are completely distracted. SF has to play BYU, then SClara, then Gonzaga, all road games. Whoever scheduled that 3 game stint should lose their job. No NIT, No nothin

I did watch some of the SMC game, SMC looked pathetic. BYU really looks crisp when the starters are in. Toolson is on a different level all together.

Baxter almost came in the game. An assistant coach just said he will play sometime this season. Maybe Saturday.