Keys to the Pacific win

1 BYU has really cut down on the TurnOvers. 7 on Thursday night, 9 tonight. It’s like we flipped the script and the other team is turning over 15 to 20 times a game.

2 Twelve steals tonight, 12! Johnson got 4, Saunders got 2. wowza

3 We really sucked it up at the FT line. 11 missed shots, Ugh.

4 Traore chewed Pacific up inside, 19 pts and got both their big men in trouble with 4 each. 12 rebounds, 5 on the Oboards. He is a force.

5 Sucked it at outside 3s but tonight with Pacific’s TOs, really did not matter

6 I really think Jobinson has decided he is going to make a impact on the game, working hard out
there on D and such a smooth shot.

7 Waterman also working hard, 3 loose balls, diving to the floor, deserves more miinutes, just got into foul trouble.

8 Williams is making the most of a bad situation. He is behind true Fr. Hall and yet he brings it every night. Gonna need him in tourny play cause that is the only way BYU can make noise now.

9 Refs really slowed this game down but then, there were hard fouls on every play, what else were they going to do?

Nice breakdown. Jim and I were texting back and forth and would agree except with numbers 7 and 9. Lots of calls called in the 2nd half that weren’t in the 1st. Even some tic-tac ones in the first half too.
I agree Waterman is hustling a lot. Playing Bette defense. But can’t shoot a lick.

I really like the defensive effort from byu. At times they were smothering the other team.

They also did a good job of getting the ball to Fous. Many times he is getting double and triple teamed and still took the ball up and scored or was fouled. They had no answer. I hope the trend continues.

BYU had many open looks from the three. A few more of them fall and if they do better on free throw shooting this could have been a 30-point blowout.

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Home games work that way, What I’m looking for is a road win where BYU continues to be ball frugal. BYU would have another 7 wins this season if they didn’t turn over 30% of the time. Whatever drills they have been doing to protect the ball has made a big difference.

As for free throws and making 3s…We really have a bunch of guys that can’t hit a free throw, that will probably continue because you don’t change that over night. Making 3s on the road can be a big challenge just because of floor lighting in strange gyms.

We were up 24 with a couple of minutes to go and substituted bench players in and the lead went down to 15.

Thats what you do when you can’t score, hahahah
That was the case for most of the seaon. Robinson woke up! Rudi Williamson started really scoring once he stopped starting games and came off the bench. Dallin Hall was just about getting reps and comfortable with game flow and mission rust.

So we get good on D just about the time that our transfers kicked in. We will see just how good we are on this road trip.