Keys to the USF win

As stated earlier hall is an NFL talent surrounded by a massive front line with key athletes at every important position on offense. Nacua looks to be an NFL talent.
Chris Brooks seems to be an adequate replacement at tailback.
USF was so pathetic on offense we really don’t know what our defense is like and with Baylor coming to town frankly I’m a little worried.

What was it 35 or 38 points in the first quarter wow talk about blitz Creek now the real fun begins with Baylor coming to town

The offense is loaded and the only issue with it is whether Nacua and Romney can get healthy and stay healthy. Romney seems to be injury prone.

More specifically Romney has always had a hamstring and soft muscle tears. It’s probably a function of both genetics And diet

Typical soft political disease as runs in the family transferred to sports.

Yeah, with the O-line BYU has this year I have no serious concerns with the ability to score points. I just don’t like getting into scoring contests and that is where the concern lies. At the start of the game BYU was aggressive and it made a difference on both sides of the ball. Good defense will always compliment the offense by creating turnovers, 3 and outs, etc. That is where the success of the team will lie this year, with the defense and its’ ability to stop opponents.

The challenge has been the same. The other team makes adjustments and we sometimes don’t. This team is good enough to do this against anyone.