Keys to the Utah win

1 BYU has won 10 of their last 11 games vs. Utah. Domination.

2 Rudi Williams has become the transfer that we all hoped he would be. coming in behind Hall has been genius. 26 vs. Craighton and Utah is Siiiiiiiizzzzzling. Rudi had 0 TO’s in this game, maybe, it was cuz he hit everything.

3 Hall just gets better every game. game winners in two big games, he is the real deal.

4 Foos ate 7’ Carlson’s lunch out there.

5 Did I say Atiki would foul out by halftime? In this case, 8 total minutes. That is not enough time to work up a sweat.

6 BYU outrebounded a much taller Utah.

7 BYU made 7 threes to Utah’s 4, and that was the difference.

8 Robinson took more shots than any player (14) and got 10 pts. Rudi took 13 shots to get to 26. What’s wrong with this picture.

9 BYU finally has less TO’s than Utah. key to the win.

10 BYU outshot, outrebounded, got their best players in foul trouble and just outplayed Utah. Biggest win of the season. Congrats Pope.

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I’d like to see Robison dribble in closer to take some midrange shots. He has a really good midrange shot. Maybe next year the shots will drop in more. Foos showed what he can do against bigger players. A Wes Unseld center.

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Utah just isn’t as good as they think we stopped there big 7 footer

Welcome! They are pretty good but we have gotten much better. Foos stopped the big guy.

After the Az win, Utah may have come into the Marriott thinking BYU would roll over, like they did in the UVU game. Pope had his best coaching game in the Utah win. Hot shooting Madson fouled out when they needed him most and Utah did not make 3s while BYU made just enough.

The change in BYU’s lineup, starting Hall over Williams is the difference. Rudi just needed to hunt his shot which is perfect when coming off the bench when the 1s are resting.

You go into practices and seem to know everyone. Ask about the time aspect Williams plays with starters. I bet it’s more than you are thinking it is. Including playing Williams with Hall in the line up when needed.

Ya, Utah came in with an attitude. Great day with the Bowl win too!

Rudi finally doing what we pay him to do: SCORE. This is from my preseason preview:

BYU Basketball Preview.

Hall continues to improve. Still looks janky shooting and not finishing well at all at the rim, but the athleticism is there, and IMHO that is 80% of the battle–Hall can jump and is super strong. When he starts finishing better, we will see him taking guys to the hole like Rudi does.

Saunders and Robinson struggling with their shot, but their athleticism is super impressive. They are wildly athletic and could become a pair of dominant wing defenders and solid scorers. Robinson defends a little better (without fouling) on the ball, but Saunders is a BEAST (for a guard) on the boards. We are in a rebuilding year and I love seeing them both get big minutes.

Did you see my post on why the big Rudi change? Here is some of it: