Keys to the Weber win

1 The big takeaway from this game is, BYU has grown in a big way since the almost debacle of that 6-turnover ending to the Craighton game. We closed out Weber with Robinson and George leading the way (I’ll get back to both those guys in a minute)

2 Weber had just gone up to undefeated USU and come back from 18 down and BEAT USU at the Spectrum. Really shows we have improved in a big way.

3 Weber is the 5th best % shooting 3 point team in the nation. We really locked down tonight.

4 We continue to struggle with TOs. Hall and Robinson had 4 each, ugh.

5 Foos is acting like he wants a professional career. Besides the 17 and 8 rebs, 3 game changing blocks. 8-8 from the FT.

6 Waterman has accepted Pope’s challenge and become a rebounding madman. And driving inside to use his height.

7 Just when I was going to say my usual, Robinson is wasting time out there, he hits 2 big 3s and locked down Weber’s best player for the last 5 minutes. Pope is coaching his butt off this year.

8 George gets married yesturday and comes out rebounding like a madman. and 2 big blocks (BYU had 8 for the night)

9 Rudi continues to lead.

10 Big night at the FT line, really the difference in the game. 17-20

11 Spencer Johnson will be ready for league play, Now, how do we fit him back in? He was the backbone of our team before his knee injury, We kind of lost it for a couple of games with him out, then BYU has played it’s best ball all year, and now we get him back. Does Waterman slide back to 6th man or Robinson?

Anyone notice that Stewart did not play a single minute tonight and yet he was dressed to play??

Stewart hasn’t improved shooting. He had a great assist night last game but gives nothing with scoring. That’s a problem with Johnson coming back. If Johnson actually plays like before. I’ve had many knee injuries and it isn’t always easy to perform as you did before.