Keys to winning in Houston

It will be tough. We will have to shoot 40% and above from 3 point land in most games to win. The next 6 games for sure. Coach Rose said as much on BYU Sports Nation this morning. If Nixon and shoot like he did last game against better talent and bigger player, Toolsen same, and Haws and Barcello score better, we have a shot.

  1. Team defense needed to cause turnovers.
  2. 45% from 3’s
  3. Free throw shooting 80%
  4. Make more layups
    We can win…

Well we didn’t shoot 45% from 3 and we didn’t shoot 80% on free throws and still won the game. Maybe big bad Houston wasn’t that good. Colby Lee gets 14 points and 7 boards. I guess he wasn’t as bad as people have been saying. Maybe Mr. Basketballs from Idaho can be pretty good. I think he can be a good compliment to Childs. I have only seen one game this year but he looked like a good player to me. He is a wide body and has a nice touch on the baby hook.

We needed the turnover and a lucky bounce to win and I’ll take it. What was interesting is that they didn’t dominate on the boards. Our free throw shooting has to get better. And, Haws has to shoot better from 3 land. He’s not going up straight.
Nice win!!!

truth Houston lost their 4 highest scorers from last year. They are good just not good yet…Most of their players had 1 game under their belt when BYU played them. BYU had 3 and we all know that teams make their best changes/growth after 2 or 3 games, and certainly not after 1 where they blow a team out by 50. Now we need Houston to buckle down and win the AC. Big Win