Kobe the greatest ever!

That was incredible!!! 60 points and took the game over at the end to cream the Jazz!!!

Yeah and he had a career high in field goal attempts.

The game was rigged so Kobe could go out in style…

Nothing was rigged. The players were saying days before the game they would pass him the ball. Since the Jazz weren’t going anywhere, I expected they would play lax’d on defense. That didn’t happen. They played him tight and tough. They wanted to win and were winning.

What I also liked was the refs stayed out of the way. They did miss a few calls, mostly the fouls on Kobe’s 3 point shots. The game had a great flow.

15 points in 2 minutes at the end to win the game was fantastic!!! And, he played the entire 2nd half. Amazing!

Kobe Flakers!

Go GS Warriors

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The rest of the team are flakers. Not Kobe. He’s the real legend with the real work ethics to get to that position. Oldest player to score 60 and leading his team to victory while doing it over a better team. Amazing!!!

If he’s still good enough to score 60 in a game, why is he retiring?

The show must go on… and the truth is he isn’t good enough to do it every night.

He is only good enough to do it in the last game of the season, at home, the year he retires, against the Washington Generals… errr, Utah Jazz. Haven’t you noticed his big farewell tour? :hushed:

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The fact that you didn’t see the show (you may have watched but you didn’t “see”) for what it was makes it all too apparent that you will never understand, let alone see, what is really going on a lot of the time in big money basketball. Kobe going off for 60 in his final game is all about the show… - the pageantry, grandeur and fanfare of the entire season leading up to Kobe’s big night.

Now I know I have no hope of you ever understanding most of anything I post.

All year the coach was limiting Kobe’s time on the floor to make it until the end of the season. Even with that, he still had some injuries that kept him out of 15 games.

After a while, he just didn’t want to do it anymore. The workouts, icing down and much more wasn’t worth it to him anymore. It was time.

I didn’t see the Jazz give up anything. You can drop that nonsense.

So what??? The show was great for one game. Big deal. It doesn’t mean the game was rigged. He still had to make the shots. And, to bring the Lakers back with 14 points in the last 2 minutes (none of the shots were easy) was amazing! Playing the entire 2nd half (except 4 seconds). Nothing rigged about that. Just a great end of his career. I know you’ll never understand but I thought I’d give it a shot :slight_smile:

I’m watching the 4th quarter and the announcers were saying that Kobe should have gotten to the ball a lot more this year. Meaning, they may have won an lot more games if they did. I agree.

GH: How about the 100 that Wilt Chamberlain had many years ago? It’s a subjective judgement as to who is the greatest. Comparing players from different eras is a non-sequator choice. My vote is for Michael Jordan.

GH: How does one last to the fourth quarter of an NBA game? I used to run marathons, but four 12 minute quarters inter spaced by a zillion commercials is a long long time. Booooring!

You don’t understand that playing basketball is not a pure aerobic event. When training for basketball, you train like it’s running 3 quarters of a mile almost sprint. Your understanding would lead you to believe the same about lineman playing football and tiring out in the 4th quarter. You should take a class in sports physiology and that might help.

Oh no… here we go with the “I took a class in something so I know everything there is to know” nonsense again. :grin:

If you don’t understand that Kobe’s final game was all about him going out with a bang then you don’t understand the nba. He took 50 freaking shots! The most of any game in his entire 20 year career… the MOST! He had an 81 point game and took fewer shots.

There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Having said that with 100% surety, I can also say with the same surety that the final game was rigged, set up, planned… whatever you want to call it, for him to do exactly what he did. Yes, he had to make the shots but so what, he has been making shots for 20 years and when the opponent is offering minimal resitance and the officials are calling everything under the sun to help him, the result is exactly what we all saw.

Why do you have such a hard time admitting that the nba is entertainment first and basketball second?

Boo NBA!!! The Jazz played little defense and the refs helped Kobe all game. What a travesty of a “team” game. One player takes 50 of his team’s 85 shots. He took 21 of the 25 3-Pointers the Lakers took. What a joke. If he can score 60 in one bogus game, why couldn’t one of the greatest of all time lead his team to a record better than 17-65?

Boo Kobe!!! He was a fabulous competitor though it was hard to like him. I know some people will always dislike him due to the Colorado scandal. I did enjoy the Kobe-Shaq Lakers of the early 2000’s.

Boo Farewell Tours!!! I get tired of these aging stars and their farewell tours…it’s especially bad for New York or LA teams - two liberal cesspool cities with pathetic media. Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter are retired? Great.

Again, “rigged” sounds like an illegal fix. Are you going with another conspiracy? You just can’t help yourself :grin:

There was no question his team was going to give him the ball and was expecting him to shoot. So what? Utard wasn’t a part of your rigged script. They were trying to win. They were playing their normal ball control game and thought they had it won when Kobe found a second wind and as he has always done, scored in bunches. Nothing different. Great game ending with another Kobe putting the team on his back and winning. Awesome!!!


Back at ya :smile:

See, you have nothing. You can’t spell out what was rigged about the game? Stu Lance was saying that he should have been shooting like this all season and they would have won a lot more games. But, we both know physically that wasn’t a possibility. However, there were many games I watched where they would not throw him the ball and should have. Kobe should have started every play and I think the year would have been way different. But, they were playing for next year from the beginning. Kobe was simply honoring his contract and commitment.