Kolby Lee Retired?

You are assuming things yourself has no answers to.

If Baxter had not blown out the ACL, we had BYU as a final 8. After last night, I could see us losing 10 games. The experiment of starting Lohner over Traore or Atiki is a bust. With Baxter, BYU would lose to San Fran at their place and once to Gonzaga, that is about it. BYU would be sitting on a 3-4 seed at worse. The UVU game would not of been even close.
Without him, We lose @San FU, @SMC, Both Gonzaga games and couple of others.

I did not see Lohner as the problem. Not much problem either as we pulled out to a 20 point lead. I think that Fousse should start and let Aitiki come in for short time periods while rotating Lohner play 5 ocassionally. The problem last night was that we get leads and then get sloppy and lower our efforts. The ball starts slipping out of player’s hands. Too much dribbling, spacing and standing around. Coaches said it and players as well. Tyler Haws as well.
BYU held Bean to just 4 points in the second half. And Fousse got lost letting his man shoot those 3’s.
All-in-all, lose 10 games? See what happens against Creighton

I think Pope and Burgess are working hard with Lohner to teach him to play stationary post defense. I get it–we have limited options. But the beauty in Lohner’s game is that he’s 6’8" and always one of the strongest AND athletic players on the floor; his perimeter D is off the charts and he’s almost impossible to block out when he’s tracking a rebound on the move. I love him at the 3 or 4 where he’s playing in space; not so much at the 5 where he’s standing and trying to deny.

At the start of the year I agreed with you that this team would threaten even for the final 4. My revised goal for this team is to make the dance. If we do, Pope gets Coach of the Year in my heart.

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Lohner at the 5 is DISASTER.

YUP, With Foos at the 5, Lohner is a game changer.
Before the UVU game, I looked at who we had scheduled and saw 3 games that I had as a loss. 5 that were a tossup. We have beaten 3 of them. With the loss of Baxter (who knew that he would be sooooo dominate inside) final 4 thoughts have evaporated. I watched closely to see how Pope would play a tough Missouri St and to be honest, they are undersized, guard driven like most WCC teams. Then a USU team that gets a lot done inside but again USU’s bigs are 50% three point shooters so they don’t act much like a bruise you up inside team. Craighton either. I don’t see a bruiser team clear until we run into Gonzaga. By then Traore will be seasoned and hopefully Atiki is dependable inside as well.

Really what I have been waiting on is to see if Lohner and Knell returned to their 50% shooting from 3. Knell had himself a GREAT USU game and clearly looked ready for added minutes. Lohner will not have to be relayed on with the emergence of Foos and Knell finding his shot.

I didn’t disagree about Lohner at the 5. But, if you start Fousse and Lohner together, whose coming off the bench? I want to see Atiki as much as possible regardless of his lack of playing. So, Lohner is still going to have to play some 5 ball. Unless Kobe Lee comes back. And your stats aren’t going to change that either.

Why do you even bother saying this? Just add it to the ever growing list of things you have posted that make NO sense.

Others in here have said it. Late to the party again…

yeah, they played along with the joke and you were the only one that didn’t get it. :rofl:

I went straight to the source and talked to Kolby last Thursday about the possibility of returning to BYU. If you remember, Kolby transferred to Dixie State this offseason but didn’t play after he did not get into the Master’s Program he wanted. He posted on Instagram that he would retire from basketball.

He entered the transfer portal the week leading up to Thanksgiving, potentially opening the door to a return to basketball. Below is what Kolby said when I asked him if BYU has reached out to him and if he would have any interest in joining the team.

“I would be interested if I could get some NIL deals to pay for school and to pay some bills,” Kolby told me. “But that’s kinda hard to know that. They (coaches) have kind of reached out but now that season is going they haven’t reached out much.”

I talked to a couple people connected to the BYU side and there would be some roadblocks in bringing Kolby in. Kolby did enroll in classes at Dixie State, although he never attended them, which means that he would need a waiver to play immediately since he already used his one-time transfer exemption. Waivers are cumbersome and there really isn’t any precedence of a guy getting a waiver to transfer mid-year and play immediately after using their one-time transfer exemption, so while BYU coaches would like to have Kolby, it likely isn’t very feasible at this point to get Kolby in time for when the winter semester starts in a month.
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And his sophomore head games will be allowed to subside enhancing the chance he’ll get his stroke back and help the team even more…just my thoughts on Lohner though.

Having Foos play big minutes in a tough USU game takes all the pressure off Lohner. Can’t wait

Thanks. My guess was that having enrolled at another school would make a move to BYU problematic at best or impossible at worst. Best of luck to Kolby in whatever he does. Nice kid and a good person.

If he was here in 3 weeks, it’s worth a try for another big body if Harward can’t go. At least make an attempt

Note Harold’s report above: Lee would need a waiver from the NCAA; even if he could get one it may not matter to Coach Pope.

With the explosive emergence of Tre and Atiki coming along nicely, I don’t feel so worried at the 5 as I did a week ago. Boy have we got some good coaches.

Atiki isn’t ready. Another big body is needed if Harward can’t return soon.

Ok coach hopper… if someone isn’t ready then they shouldn’t get any playing time right? you know because they aren’t “ready”.

I say the more opportunities he gets early in the season, the better he will be when league play starts. It only stands to reason.

Please explain the logic of “not being ready” and the process of how to get that player ready…

If you were staying up with my texts and reading them, you would have seen my statement about playing Atiki as much as possible. Ahhh…that reading comprehension thing :innocent: