Kolby Lee transfers to Dixie State

I know this is late, but I didn’t see an already made topic about it. So Kolby Lee to Dixie State. I am personally not bothered by this, because he played so little last season that he didn’t contribute much. After a fantastic year by Lee in the 2019-2020 season, Pope benched Lee and he hardly saw the floor after that. Sometimes I wonder why he never played, but I trust Pope and Burgess way to much to question them. They finalized the starting five and main bench players, and he just wasn’t in those groups. I do wish him the best, and hopefully he starts for Dixie.

I can respond to this if nobody else does. I am not bothered by this news at all. I am happy for Lee. He is a good guy, just not a very good basketball player. This is where he should have gone out of high school, not BYU. He was a starter to begin last season but there was way more talent not starting and that became evident quickly. I’m not sure why you think he had a “fantastic season” 2019-20. 17 min a game, 7 points and 3 rebounds averaged per game? Pedestrian, not fantastic. IF you are still wondering why he “never played” I talked about it numerous times. He is a decent player, but not at the level that BYU should be playing. He will be fine at Dixie State.

I though he had quite the season in 2019-2020. Yeah he struggled at times, but his shot percentage was way up and he rarely missed.

7 points and 3 rebounds per game doesn’t really equate to “quite the season” IMO. He outplayed his potential but that level still didn’t amount to being a very good player at the level BYU needs. He was always going to be a bench player moving forward. Going to Dixie State (I think that speaks volumes about teams that were interested) will be a nice move for him. He should be able to be a double figure scorer and rebounder there. I am not saying he is a bad player, just that his skills were not at the level for being effective for BYU.

Of course if he would have played 30 minutes a game those numbers would be doubled. I think teams figured out how to keep him out of the key for the short hook shots he would do.

I don’t think “teams” cared one bit about stopping him, let alone keep him out of the key, etc. He was a non factor. Your comment about if he would have played and numbers would be doubled is totally hypothetical. If his production would have been more consistent he would have gotten more minutes.

Can’t score when pushed out away from the rim. So, he lost minutes. This from a real basketball coach :slight_smile:


This makes me feel good that things are getting back to normal. Finally!

One reason why people remember Lee’s fantastic 2019-2020 season is that he exceeded exceptionally low expectations.

You guys need to stop. You contradict everything people say. Can’t people have their own opinions? Most of you are grown men and just can’t stand for me saying Kolby Lee was a good player. It’s disrespectful and incredibly annoying.

I agree! Give him 30 minutes on the floor and he’s a 15 point and 8 rebound player. The problem is they have others that can do that with more upside. I hate to lose players who are all-in with team play.

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I am not as down on Kolby Lee as some. He appeared to have good fundamentals, had a good shooting touch, a quick release, and he had a wide body to take up space in the post. He gave his best effort when he was on the court. His drawbacks were that he was slow and had no lift. I think he was a solid bench player when called upon. He was never going to be anything more than a 3rd or 4th option off the bench with the emergence of Lohner and George, but when used in the right situation he wasn’t going to hurt you. Those kinds of players can be valuable but aren’t a huge loss if they transfer, especially from a program that has good depth.

In today’s world of college basketball with it being easy to transfer and all the options to play professionally it is very difficult to build a program the traditional way of recruiting high school players and keeping them 4 years. Guys aren’t satisfied to be role players off the bench on a good team. They want to start above all else. It is very hard to maintain depth that way. You might keep your starters that don’t leave early for the pros but it looks like teams will be retooling their bench every year with the mass exodus of players.

I wasn’t sorry to see Jesse Wade and Lee leave in terms of what they could contribute but I was sorry to see Harding leave because I felt like he could still contribute with meaningful minutes off the bench. I was also sorry to see that Lowell is leaving since we really have no idea what he could have done. He was considered a really good recruit.

Good luck to Lee. I think he could score about 15 a game at Dixie and maybe 7-8 boards and play lots of minutes.

Ahhh…just what I’ve been posting. Play 30 minutes a game and score 15 a game with 8 boards. I wonder where you got that idea from? :thinking:

Pat yourself on the back much? What Aro said has nothing to do with anything you said. This notion you had of Lee being a 15 pt. per game player is a joke. It is simplistic and not well thought out.

I should probably apologize to Snake Eyes but after doing that (I apologize) I think it is important to state that this is an opinion board and people don’t always agree with everything someone says. I know I am disagreed with frequently but I am okay with it. I don’t see it as disrespectful and it certainly isn’t annoying. The only person I really get annoyed with is the one who most people are annoyed by but I won’t give names.

A kid doesn’t make Idaho HS player of the year without being a good basketball player. Lee is a good basketball player. There, I said it. Boise making the comment about low expectations is fair. What do we think Pope expected? Aro stated the very exact reason that Lee left, he wanted to start and play meaningful minutes. On BYU’s team that wasn’t going to happen this coming season. If you look at who developed (because they have legitimate basketball skills and talent) this past season and who is coming in it is easy to understand Lee moving on to Dixie State, a place where he should get lots of playing time.

He will likely get a starting job for Dixie and score a good amount of points. Thanks for apologizing, but how in the world is it not annoying? You say something and instantly someone says something against it.

Yep, he will get 30 minutes scoring 15 a game and 8 rebounds. Glad we all agree… :joy:

I don’t think that is entirely accurate but based on my response here it seems I might be wrong. :crazy_face:

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Ya,but, you are also very good at the “ya but” as well :slight_smile:

I have always loved Lee’s game, for his athleticism, he got a lot done. Two things that Lee could do…hit a 3 and dunk (yes, I saw it twice). What surprises me is that Lee transferred to Dixie, That is a long haul when your wife is playing for BYU. Be safe brother, that road can be lonely.