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Heard Kyle on with the morning radio team this morning. He said he does not have a current relationship with Bronco or the coaches and echoed Jason Buck’s assertion that Bronco does not have a relationship with the football alums. He also said he does not recruit for BYU, that whatever school a recruit wants to attend it is ok with him. Additionally, Kyle said that he does not want a relationship with the coaches but later lamented that the alumni not being a part of the program was not a smart move. More head scratching by me related to his comments. I thought Bronco championed Kyle and would really be on good terms with Kyle. Kyle himself said it is weird and it is.

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When will fans listen and demand a change? These are not former players with an agenda, it is coming from all over. And Bronco isn’t the only current coach caught up in this. I hate to say it, but it may be time for Tom to go. It’s his department and he needs to have the courage to stand up to those who keep overriding him, or get out while you still have a shred of integrity left. I love Tom, but I don’t agree with how he is allowing himself to be a puppet lately. Step up Tom, stand for something!!!

Then you add comments by Christian Stewart about Bronco’s work regiment and how it actually hurts his players… I have to admit that I always thought Bronco was not great in how he treated his star athletes. at times, it looked like he was punishing his star recruits because was dissed as a player.

I still believe something is not right at BYU… too many things coming out about the program, how Bronco treats people, etc.

Just for clarity sake, did not bronco mentioned when he took over the team that he would use the alumni to help recruit players? Or was that Crowton?

That is one of the weird things; there was a whole series of articles about Bronco going the extra mile to connect with alums and make them a part of the program, different ways including helping with recruiting. From those articles, I thought Bronco was at the head of the coaching class in terms of building relationships with former players. Weird.

I know it is easy for someone with your secret connections to know or assume you know what is going on all the time and to have all the answers to how to resolve any issues, but for the rest of us (and me in particular) we most likely have no idea what is going on.

I don’t really understand what is going on internally and what the problems are. What is it that Holmoe isn’t doing right and who is “going over his head”? What are all of Bronco’s problems, etc?

If none of us know anything, a thread like this is very cryptic.

Besides which, I think we are all having a tough time sticking with this new format anyway.

The think that I think KC goes over the top on is Holmoe “standing up” to those that over ride him…

Seriously, you think Tom should stand up to the BOT who also happens to be the Quorum of the 12?

my question is: Is it really the BOT doing these things or is it say BYU President or the guy over the AD office?

Not sure how that all works at BYU…

I don’t understand the situation.

Where is the gratitude from KVN? At the very least he would have some for the second chance he got (and there was probably more than one) to keep playing and finish his career. It wasn’t that many years ago that KVN was saying how grateful he was… and now he doesn’t care?

It is VERY weird.

I did not hear KVN so I don’t know what he said or how he said it but I too find it weird that he would be hating on the coach after previously being positive. Makes me wonder if something is not being over blown. Likewise not sure about the hate from other players when yet others have been positive.

Whatever the case sure seems odd with the polarization going on. Wish we better understood the truth. This environ is not where truth is found, only the hucking around of opinions, just like mine.

I have liked Bronco but hated this mistakes. I wonder some times though what is preventing him from going from good to great. I almost hate to say it but it feels like pride at times. Then again this black kettle ought to just shut up.

Yeah, the lack of gratitude was striking but the way he talked, I wondered if that was true. He seemed to say he didn’t care, one way or the other but other remarks indicated (to me) that he did care. So, ???

I have not commented on these matters to advocate for firing anyone. I’m just a recently retired regular person who loves BYU and the FB program and over the years have been season ticket holders many times. I don’t have any connections within the program and don’t know anything except for what I read and hear. I do know I feel confused about what is going on (or not going on) now and over the past 4 to 5 years. Yeah, confused.

You can not run a big time football program without the Alums. Bronco does little to nothing with BYU’s Alums, that is all Buck and Van Noy are saying.

My gut tells me that there will be changes after this coming football season.

Jim, please don’t knock KVN.

The situation has reached the point that we are all victims, including, but not limited to all the players, past and present, the coaches, the AD, the University and the fans.

The very fact that this discussion is going on, shows that there is much unrest, much resentment, much frustration, and that very little if anything seems to be pleasing the very few, if any.

The BOT has to feel this unrest. The AD has to feel this unrest.
The HC as evidenced by his applying for at least two different HC positions at other universities, has to know what is going on. The fact that he does not make it to the second round of consideration, in these other universities, is an indication that the college football world seems to know, at least to some degree of what is going on.

I think that it is now too late to hope for positive changes. I think that the time has finally come for a overdue change.

Will the AD take the initiative, or will he wait for the BOT to hand down the orders?

Roy, I like and respect your post.

Firing anybody is painful, especially when they have families. Not being appreciated is painful. Having no place to go if you are unemployed, is painful. Being a confused, weary, fan, that has lost something, in the area of pride, is painful.

Watching our program deteriorate is painful. Like you Roy, I am very confused, painfully confused.

Hopefully you guys are following Mark Durrant on Twitter. He breaks this down pretty solid as to the programs overall issues with dealing with alumni.

Again as I said before, this is not just a Bronco thing, it’s a BYU thing.

Well we lost another former BYU player son, who happens to be pretty good to Stanford.

Gabe Reid has committed to Stanford…

Way to go Bronco… lost three for three…

For those that want to hear what KVN said, here is the link:


What and who should KVN show Gratitude towards?

I am hearing tidbits more and more how bronco really has favorites… and those guys are generally not the star players, but walk-on’s… much like Bronco was.

Not sure what is going on… but something is boiling to the top…


I guess you forgot about KVN’s history and where he was at personally before Bronco (and this was from KVN’s mouth) helped him get through some personal issues, stay committed and continue his career and education. By his own admission, KVN could have easily gone the other direction, not knowing where he would be today had he done so.

I guess having gratitude for second or third chances that others give us is not important or necessary.

I don’t get some of the responses on here sometimes. RH gets after me because he thinks I am knocking KVN, you get after me because I think some gratitude might be appropriate. KVN is in the nfl and a good part of that is a result of second chances and the help of a coach. KVN has acknowledged as much.


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The fact that KVN, Broncos poster recruit, feels this way, says it all. Enough is enough, there is a problem and until money slows down, nothing will change. I hate that about our program.

Don’t get your knickers all in a bunch… Jim…

Let me be clear here… I was asking who do you think KVN owed gratitude towards… Because in your original post you were not clear (at least to me).

KVN never violated a HC rule while he was at BYU, he did have an issue with drinking under age before enrolling at BYU. Because of who KVN was, he was up front and honest with Bronco. Bronco was up front and honest with KVN and they worked out a way for him to come to BYU.

The thing you forget Jim… was KVN was BYU fan long before he signed his Letter of Intent. He asked Bronco for a way for him to come to school. Bronco offered to help him find another school… but KVN convinced Bronco to give a second chance.

Second, your comment “KVN could have easily gone the other direction, not knowing where he would be today had he done so.” makes no sense.

If he had went down the other direction, are you implying that he would never have made it to the NFL, got an education, married in the Temple, etc?

KVN made a stupid mistake in high school, he learned from it. If he had went to another school, my thoughts are he still would have ended up in the NFL, got an education and married in the temple because his family is a faithful LDS family and I think KVN would have been helped to stay on the path.

I applaud Bronco for not making it easy for KVN (Wished more coaches held their players to better standard) to come to BYU. I think that was the right choice.

But we don’t know what happened during the four years while at BYU. It seems from reports of former players (even those that support him) that he is a bit disconnected from his players…

What else do I need to change.

“Don’t get your knickers all in a bunch… Jim…”

“in your original post you were not clear”

“The thing you forget Jim”

“Second, your comment “KVN could have easily gone the other direction, not knowing where he would be today had he done so.” makes no sense.”

Having said all of those things I maintain that yes, KVN could still have spiraled downward. Do you really believe his indiscretion was the first and only? A person that starts down that path makes it really easy for himself to continue down that path. What, you haven’t ever seen it? and there are no guarantees because of a good family, etc. People make their choices and they live with them. Likewise, yes, I believe gratitude is ALWAYS appropriate. In this case, that gratitude could have been towards Bronco, BYU or anyone else. Look at Ziggy… he had even fewer chances than KVN and he made it AND he is very thankful for everything that was given to him in that situation.

Why the change in KVN’s attitude?


Instead of defending your position, go google the incident in which KVN was arrested for under age drinking. Then read what KVN did … Not Bronco, Not BYU.,… KVN…

KVN realized he made a mistake (you know the whole Holy Ghost thing), he recognized his lapse in judgment, embarrassed him, his family and the church.

KVN drove to BYU to tell Bronco Face to Face what happened, no phone call, nothing…

Does this give you any indication of the type of young man KVN is? It does not sound like someone ready to give up on all that he was taught by his family and church in order to get a temporary high to me…

But since you are already setting judgment about him, what do I know right?