KVN Shines for the Patriots

Got to love this quote from the Detroit Free Press:

“If you’ve followed Van Noy’s saga in New England, if you’ve kept up with
his excellent production during the season, and if you watched him fly
around the field en route to earning the top defensive grade of Sunday’s
game from profootballfocus.com, you should be angry at the Lions. They
have come out of this looking like pawns in Belichick’s masterfully
orchestrated chess game.”

I couldn’t be happier for Kyle. His chances are pretty good that he’ll get himself a Super Bowl ring in a couple of weeks!

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It is hard to not fault the coaching staff on Detroit on this miscue. I have the same kind of thought on an NBA team not handing Jimmer the keys to the point guard position and letting him run the team in New Orleans…

Sac King, Chicago Bulls, Ny Knicks & SA Spurs! We shall see if one of the NBA team start calling Lonely God Jimmer!

They don’t play defense in the China league the way they play in the NBA. Plus the NBA has much more athletic players. If I thought Jimmer could do even half as well in the NBA, I’d be all for it. Jimmer has found a place that plays him, pays him a decent paycheck and he has recreated the Jimmer-mania phenomenon. Why not stick with a league that gave you a shot to revive your career. If he’s going anywhere, I hope its someplace in Europe.

Wow! Superbowl LI was an amazing game! Even if you weren’t a Patriot or Falcon fan, you had to appreciate how the Patriots came back and ripped the heart out of Falcon fans. Tom Brady will go down as the best QB of all time. KVN should be feeling a lot of gratitude for how he ended up going from a bad situation in Detroit to playing and contributing to a Superbowl win. He even got some face time on TV for his reaction to one of the best catches of the night. He had a key 3rd down sack that helped sustain the Patriot rally. KVN must be pinching himself to make sure he isn’t dreaming. He participated in an historic Superbowl that will go down as one of the greatest of all time.Congrats to KVN!