La Tech, what we learned from the win

  1. BYU is really good on every measure that counts in college football

  2. Wilson is putting up Heisman type numbers, looks like a solid NFL draft to me. After 3 games, has as many TDs (9) as he has incompletes, unheard of stat!!

  3. Our kicker, Almond is perfect for the year 4/4

  4. Our Oline is a Iron Wall. Wilson has all the time he needs to make throws. And they get out an block for big rushing gains. They are the #1 reason why BYU is climbing in the polls.

  5. Dline is getting it done with a 3 man front and Tuiaki is not afraid to be creative with timely blitzes, he had La Tech’s Senior veteran QB benched by the end of the 3rd QTR.

  6. Our Wideouts of Milne and Romney to too big and fast for these smaller DBs, would love to see then grade out against ranked P5s.

  7. After not a single Tight End catch in the Navy Game, BYU has found not one…but 3 really good TEs to throw TDs to: Rex, Wheat and my fav., Wake, the human bowling ball.

  8. seriously, Wilson should postpone heading to the NFL after this Cinderella season and try to win a national title with this team next year. (It is a free year and everyone keeps their eligibility.

IMO, if Wilson continues to play at a high level till the end of the season AND is given feedback that he would go high in the NFL draft - he will exit BYU so fast it might singe his clothing.

Maybe John Walsh can talk to Wilson and his parents. On the other hand, he sees Bushman and has had his own injuries and if promised he can go high in the draft he may go. As a QB, there isn’t really a reason to be in a hurry as QBs have a longer run potential in the NFL than other positions. Also, he did not go on a mission or redshirt. He’s young enough to stay another year and mature more mentally and emotionally.

I think his throwing mechanics, and placing the ball where the receiver can easily catch it has vastly improved this year overall.

Must admit, I am impressed with his progress this year.

Do you know anything about why Empey did not play in the game? His backup, did really well.

Had he had the surgeries his freshman year and redshirted he would have done more last year.

, starting center James Empey missed the game and was on the sidelines with a protective boot on his right foot. Former tight end and Utah State transfer Joe Tukuafu got the start in Empey’s place as the junior’s 28-game start streak ended.

Eligibility: I’m told that the NCAA is going to need to walk back it’s original position about a year of free football–they didn’t consider a few things like:
How do you sign HS seniors if your whole team is returning and you are at the schollie limit?
Some dopes at NCAA said, “Oh, we can just temporarily allow 20 more scholarships.” Yeah, like how are about 50-60 of the D1 teams going to afford an extra $500-750k a year for those kids, especially with football revenue gutted this year? And how would you run practice with 20 more kids and the same number of coaches? Plus a million other problems.
Now that almost all relevant programs are playing, I predict they completely go back on the free football plan.

Didn’t you get the Democrat Party’s money grows on trees belief? Just throw 10 trillion more dollars to cover football while they spend on other non-essential pork.

Well the NCAA management has never really been proven to be that smart anyways Tom… LOL

Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

Kinda like the time I drove down a Mtn road in the mud and couldn’t get back out???

So long as the NCAA gets it’s $$$$, who cares, right? I feel so badly for this Sr HS class, they didn’t get the traditional graduation celebrations, and they are still being told that they can’t party or do any of the things that teens traditionally do.

Tom, how you been? Stoked for the Bball team?