Lakers hire Luke Walton new coach

Lakers make move to reclaim dominance in the NBA which is fantastic! Maybe he will give Jimmer a chance

If Luke had been the coach this year, they wouldn’t have done any better than they did…

The NBA has very little to do with “good coaches”.

It is all about the players you have on the team and the Lakers had a crappy group of players… they won’t be much better next year unless they get some new players.

Simply nonsense! The coach makes a huge difference how players play as a team. It’s not all about “x’s” and “o’s” either. Jackson would have gotten a lot more out of that team than 18 wins. Ugggg…for someone with your IQ you have lots of ignorance to reality :alien:

Are you saying that what I wrote here is not true?

I know coaches make a difference, I’m just saying they don’t make as big a difference as some might think.

Phil Jackson won’t even take on a team unless he thinks they have a shot at winning a championship with the players there… maybe he gets 25 wins out of this years Lakers team.

50 games. He’s a magician… :slight_smile: