Lakers in title run again!

LeBron comes to the Lakers where he will become the all time scoring champion and give Lakers another championship

Ugh-shakes head. They need more than James. Head in the clouds

Ya, he didn’t choose Utartd :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much chance of a snowball

The NBA, as we all know, is an entertainment business and nothing more.

It’s a joke… and a bad one at that.

153 million to watch some clown dribble a basketball up and down the court and shoot it at a hoop.

That is why I only watch the Jazz or maybe San Antonio, because they basically play the game as a team, with that one word which is never spoken by some teams “Defense”.

Jazz didn’t want him including those Utards from the hill. Coach King James will get rid this Laker Coach and Flaker players (including Kyle Kuzma) will play less like what happened at Cleveland Cavs.
$154M for 4 years? More show biz as usuall and new movies will come at Hollywood for this dude. Anyway, have fun dealing with this guy.

And “Old School.”

They have the rest of the team to do it. More changes coming too!

How can you be so positive about your Flakers team and belittle on those BYU basketball players transferring away like Dastrup?

Apples and oranges… BYU will rock!!!

You can add Golden State to that argument. They just got better, ouch

1 in defense, 1 in offense

Wow, the LA Lakers in the NBA, $141 million for LeBron. I am so excited I could fit.

$154 million. And the Utard Jazz don’t have him :slight_smile:

Society has lost its’ collective minds and grasshopper leads the way.

I don’t root for teams that try to buy their way to championships. Oh wait, that is how all of professional sports entertainment works. I guess that means I’m not a fan anymore.

Of course college is only a short step behind so maybe that is why it has become less interesting as well.

Pro teams have always paid money to players. Trade deals have gone on for decades. Nothing different from then and now. Just the amounts due to inflation and what the market will bear. The owners used to keep a lot more of their earned money but players now get more of the pie which they should.


Okay David Stern…

Professional sports is an entertainment scam. The rich always get richer, i.e. NYC, LA, GS, etc.
I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch an NBA game, even if I had a free ticket.

Nonsense! Weird how There are socialist Mormons. A contradictory of terms.

Not all teams Jim… Look at the Utah Jazz, they signed all their free agents because “Team is what matters”, 7 of the “star” players were at the Summer League in Las Vegas, supporting those players trying to make it on the team.

To me, that shows what type of people the Jazz has… Not like other teams that try to buy super teams…

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