Lakers in title run again!

Name a team in the past that tried to buy a “super” team? I mean prior to what the Miami Heat did with Lebron James, Wade and Bosch.

Even the vaunted “Magic” Lakers team did not “buy” one of the best teams in their history, they drafted some players, while others were unrestricted free agents… While still developing their players. I give a lot of “cred” to Jerry West for putting that team together.

Earth to Scott… Socialist Mormons? You do understand that the LDS church is socialist in nature (not the fake socialist that man developed ), right? Or did you forget about the “United Order” which we will one day go back too?

I agree with texcoug1492, most teams in the NBA is not watching, I like the Jazz because they still believe in the concept of “TEAM”.

It is a nice thought and while I agree with you, I also know that it won’t get a team very far in the current nba environment.

The NBA is all about the money and putting “superstars” on the floor as much as possible so they can put on a show. It isn’t basketball, it is entertainment, that is if you like watching isolations, high screens and pick and roll basketball with not a lot of teamwork or passing. It is about individual superstars, glitz and glamor. That is why Lebron was in the finals 8 straight years, not because he was on a good team, because he is a superstar and people pay money to see him.

The average nba fan is a hero worshipping stoops that doesn’t know much about the game.

I agree Jim, The star treatment certain players gets grinds against every officials bone in my body…

I don’t think currently that the Jazz will make the finals, but it is fun to watch during the playoffs last year when they had the interviews that four or five of the players showed up together to talk, saying “Team is what matters”.

It reminds me of the times in baseball when the big stars would take time to sign autographs for the kids (Without charging them).


Are you talking about Jack Nickolson?

Do some Star Players CHARGE A FEE? I hope you are joking?

I really like this Jazz playing as a Team. Rudy and Donovan are fun people. Floyd do you live in Sandy, Donovan was invited for the 4th of July for fun at someone home in Sandy. Good guy he is.

LOL!!! The Lakers simply recruited the very best players like Magic, Worthy and so on. They bought Kareem and Wilt and in and on! They traded for Kobe and others. Developed. LOL!!!

Moon to Floyd, who said anything about the United Order? And the Church is not a socialist organization. No one is forced to join or participate in. People aren’t forced to give any of their money to the Church for Church membership or go to worship on Sundays. Socialism has nothing to do with a hierarchy. It’s simply the forced distribution of people’s money through forced taxation.
Also, I was referring to big political government control. Goin to have to call you Moombeam Floyd :slight_smile:

  • Magic Johnson - Was drafted first overall in 1979 by the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • James Worthy - Was Drafted (he Los Angeles Lakers had received the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 1982 first-round draft pick in a 1979 exchange for Don Ford)

  • Kareem Jabbar - was acquired via trade In 1975, the Lakers acquired Abdul-Jabbar and reserve center Walt Wesley from the Bucks for center Elmore Smith, guard Brian Winters, and rookie “blue chippers” Dave Meyers and Junior Bridgeman. So they had to give up a lot to get him.

  • Bryon Scott - Selected by the San Diego Clippers in the first round, with the fourth pick of the 1983 NBA draft, Scott was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1983 in exchange for Norm Nixon.

  • Michael Cooper - Selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the third round of the 1978 NBA draft with the 60th overall pick.

  • Norman Nixon - was the 22nd overall pick in the 1977 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

So you see Scott, they did not “Buy” a super team, they built the most of their team through the draft and traded for Kareem… That is entirely different than what Houston, Golden State, and Miami did to get their rings…

Come on Scott let’s see what you have to say about the Lakers not “Developing” their “Magic” team…

I know this is a hard subject for you, but you might want to do some actual research before making yourself look uninformed by others…

read what the definition of the word “Socialism” means. Look at each instance they describe, then maybe you would understand that what the world calls socialism is not what the Lord calls socialism.

One aspect of the definition of what Socialism is where " a system of society(United Order) or group living (church) in which there is no private property".

Does this not sound like the united order?

During the early days of the United Order in church history, the church owned all the property the saints had, During the very first part of the UO, they asked the members to sign over all their property to the church, later the church purchased the land.

Then Bishop of the Church (Partridge was the first Bishop) would then assign a plot of land for each of the members to work to support their family needs.

Any excess created by working the land was given back to the Bishop to be distributed to the needy (mostly immigrants migrating from Europe).

The problem was that early members of the church was not ready for the United Order and people became greedy and not willing to depart with their excess. Thus the Law of tithing became a more important part of the church(especially during the time of President Snow).

You have to remember Satan is the master counterfeiter, he takes what the Lord has implemented (like the United Order) and makes it into something bad (Current version of Socialism).

You proved my point. They go the elite players. Not what has been happening of late. They paid a lot to recruit the big name players. And, Houston and others traded to get the big name great players as well. They gave up future stars as well. And which one of those players the Lakers traded for Kareem became a star it was one? Ummm NONE! Come in Floyd. They all trade up when they can and pay as much as they can. But players have to want to play where they can be traded as well.

So, we agreed on everything. You won’t recognize this because to you I’m Donald Trump. The last paragraph you wrote says exactly what I said. The Church UO is not socialism.

Only you Scott, can twist points…

I asked you “Name a team in the past that tried to buy a “super” team? I mean prior to what the Miami Heat did with Lebron James, Wade and Bosch.”

in which you responded: "LOL!!! The Lakers simply recruited the very best players like Magic, Worthy and so on. They bought Kareem and Wilt and in and on! "

Now, any normal human being would take your answer that the Magic led Lakers were “Bought”, meaning they lured Worthy, Jabbar, Scott, and Copper to LA for more money and a championship.

which is not the TRUTH… the Lakers BUILT their team by using the draft (Johnson, Worthy, Cooper, Nixon) and by trading for players (Jabbar, Scott).

Which were the five primary players of the Magic Championship Lakers Team… Not one of those players came to LA as a free agent, trying to win a championship. NOT ONE SCOTT!

So how did I prove your point? Your point was that the Lakers bought the best players… which they did not do… they built their team via the draft.

As for Kobe… Bill Branch, the Hornets’ head scout at the time, said that the Hornets agreed to trade their draft selection to the Los Angeles Lakers before picking Bryant. The teams agreed to the trade the day before the draft and the Lakers told the Hornets whom to select five minutes before the pick was made.

That is still building via the draft… Scott. Not some player wanting to win a championship by going to a team that has all the star power already on the team and has already won a championship (like with Golden State and Durrant).

Yes the church is socialism Scott, just not what the world views socialism is… That is the difference.

No, the Church is not socialism. Ask the Prophet.

You might want to listen to Ezra Taft Benson’s 1977 talk on American Socialism. About 9 minutes that will explain socialism to you and that the United Order is not socialism. And that to confuse the two is a serious lack of understanding of both.

Depends on your definition of socialism…

You do know that what President Benson about politics and such things as communism, socialism was his PERSONAL views, Right?

As always you tend to ignore what I posted, I said “You have to remember Satan is the master counterfeiter, he takes what the Lord has implemented (like the United Order) and makes it into something bad (Current version of Socialism).”

The world’s view of socialism is based on what Karl Marx’s views and writings… The United Order is what the LORD himself created…

Again, Socialism “is a system of society or group living in which there is no private property”. The United Order, the church owned the property, the members worked it for their and others support.

I’ll take Benson’s understanding and I agree with him too. He also Quoted Joseph Smith saying the same thing. The UO and socialism are not the same thing. Socialism is about forced distribution of assets including property. This means liberty and freedom is reduced. The UO was entirely voluntary. And, it doesn’t work with earthly humans and God not personally governing it. Why do you continue to argue that the Church is a socialist organization?