Las Vegas Line as of 7/9/18 for week one vs. the teams we play

Now look at the confidence level where people put their money where their confidence is:
(This is not for those that say, “Way too soon to predict” Instead, this is for the 12 month
per year football fan that likes al the hype of recruiting, transfering in or out of the program,
the spring practice, the fall practice and all the hype that goes into predictions et. al.
Ya, I know it is too soon, but here goes-------------

Week One:—————------------------Underdog———-------------------------Winner

Arizona vs BYU ----------------------- BYU - 13.5 points -----------------------Arizona.
Cal Vs. NC -----------------------------NC - 5.5 points -------------------------- Ca.
Wisconsin vs w. Kentucky------------ W. Ken 34.5 Points --------------------- Wisc.

McNeese Stt----------------------------Not listed----------------------------------[FCS team]

Wash vs. Auburn------------------- ----Wash 3 points-----------------------------(Auburn)*
Utah St. vs. Mich St.------------------- Utah State 25.5 pts.--------------------- (Mich St.)
Hawaii Vs. Navy------------------------ Hawaii 15.5 points --------------------- (Navy)

N. Illinois vs.-----------------------------Not listed--------------------------------- [not listed]

Boise St vs Troy------------------------ Troy 10.5-----------------------------------Boise St.
UMASS vs Boston C.-------------------UMASS 18.5 pts ------------------------ (Boston C.)
N. Mex. St. vs. Minn. ------------------ N. Mex St. 18.5 points ----------------- Minn.
Utah vs. Weber St.----------------------Weber St Not listed -----------------------[not listed]

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