Layups, layups, layups!

You can’t prove more fouls equal bias.

I don’t have to.

If you are questioning the integrity of individuals of course you do. It’s the right thing to do. That’s why I stick with what BYU can do to win…

SG/grasshopper: Go to GU and root for the Zags and the USF women Donessses. The pull, push, bully non-calls make the WCC script work.

SG: You can’t prove less fouls or non-calls don’t effect the outcome of a game. That is the way the script works.

why is anyone surprised at the result? With little interior game on offense or defense and with little semblance of a half court offense, why would anyone realistically expect the Coogs to beat Gonzaga or St Marys? The St Marys coach recruited 5 new starters for this year and did a remarkable job of creating a cohesive unit. Yet we tell ours ourselves that mission plans are a terrible handicap and prevents us from fulfilling our potential.
Turning to the interior play, think for a minute at the circumstances of our two centers. One is an unrecruited walkon and the other is still playing because of an NCAA extra year eligibility dispensation. Neither could have been in the coaches long term roster plans for this year. How can you expect to win the conference and/or be nationally ranked without having recruited a legitimate center for this year? Kafusi has improved with playing time but does anyone think that he ranks in the top half of the WCC centers? The lack of a recruited center on this years team is clearly on the coaches.

Not saying that. My position is you can’t prove more fouls on BYU means bias by officials. Also, if we make layups and short shots, as KC and others pointed out, we win.
It would be great if we would stop hacking so much and play defense right. That would reduce the number of fouls :slight_smile:

No, You are way wrong!!! It’s the referees and the female chairman of the WCC fault we don’t have a center!!! And why we lost too!!! It’s a conspiracy that the WCC pays centers not to play at BYU cause they hate Mormons! And that can be proved because GU in one game had way more foul shots!


I’m not questioning “integrity”, other than in a side note perhaps. A lot of the time I don’t think they even realize it is happening. The bias just sort of happens and isn’t always intentional. Before you go off on that statement, you might be well to think it through. My Grandma wasn’t too keen on the fact that I married a “mexican” but if you tried to explain to her that she had a tendency toward being racist, she would never acknowledge the fact, let alone the possibility.

I’m not sure that intentional bias was the case last night but if you don’t think they were aware of the fact that BYU beat Gonzaga the last time, primarily because Sabonis got into foul trouble and they were down a big man already, then you once again don’t understand the finer details of the game.

And thanks a lot to the unknown poster who stirred the pot. What he said is partially true, but I would be more inclined to give it credence if BYU had been blown out in this game. I would have been more inclined to discount the disparity in calls and free throws if the first two games between these teams hadn’t gone down to the wire. Both you and dj36 have failed to recognize or acknowledge the effect of the foul and free throw disparity in this game as a factor in the 4 point loss.

It’s difficult to have a discussion because of that fact.

Once again you are wrong… you think it is funny but you are wrong. The conference is getting exactly what they hoped for, the best opportunity for the wcc to have two teams in the ncaa tournament. I described it in detail before the tournament started and it happened exactly as I said it would. This isn’t the first time either, there is a precedent here.

I can’t help it if your intellectual capacity doesn’t allow you to understand it.

SG: Why don’t you also agree that 10 layups were missed and that was 20 points? Even if half of those were made we win.

Also, you make comments that the WCC league officials want 2 teams in the NCAA and have always eluded to the idea that leagues and officials are in bed together to fix games. Now you say bias just sort of happens? No wonder I don’t go along with the conspiracy. I do agree that the officials we have do a poor job. Pew also had good reason to get on the officials with some of the calls too.

Sorry, can’t help you understand, giving up again. Once you understand that it’s all about the money, you might start to get it.

How many times have I said this? You don’t get it.

Watch the St. Mary’s - Gonzaga game on tv right now. It’s the same thing happening all over again.

In fact, Joe Lunardi is saying the exact same things I did. I’m a genius!

I’m amazed the score is so close with GU shooting 71%. That’s why they are winning. They make their layups. I don’t see why you can’t understand simple concepts. Make shots and you win. We missed 10 layups and that’s why we lost.

Notice that I’m not replying specifically to SG…

Just a general comment here… the game is a lot easier when you know you have the refs in your back pocket.

The whole Gonzaga favoritism with the wcc thing is disgusting. I’m telling you right now that I don’t care how many top 100 players BYU will have on their team the next few years or which teams they can compete with and beat over that span of time, BYU will not supplant Gonzaga in the wcc… ever. BYU will never win a wcc title in basketball and they will never win the wcc tournament. I have been saying it for five years now and this season is just more evidence of it.

The wcc kissing Gonzaga’s rear end needs to stop. So ironic that it happens in a religious school dominated league…

One last thing, St. Marys swept Gonzaga in the regular season and they have one of the best defensive teams in the nation, right? So what happened to them tonight? They forgot how to defend? No… they knew what was coming and desperately tried to stop it, but when you know what the league expects and what the officials are going to do no matter what you do… it makes for a very hopeless situation. I wonder if the sweep in the regular season will hold much weight when it comes to seeding and the Gaels ncaa tournament chances. It should, but it might not.

You notice that I don’t buy the conspiracy stuff. Fouls were even and GU shot 61%. Of course they won. They make their layups.

The ONLY team in the country… oh yeah they are “america’s team”, that wins their conference tournament or their league and goes to the ncaa tournament year after year. It’s incredible that nobody questions the how or why they can do that year after year after year.

And the knucklehead wcc commissioner has the nerve to talk about parity and balance in the league. I told you she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

There is no parity, there is no balance. How many wcc coaches have been fired this season so far? The rest of the teams are starting to get tired of it too. How soon some of you forget all of the crap from past seasons as the same scenario plays out year after year. I guess the statement “ignorance is bliss” is really true, because a lot of you are happy with the BYU mantra of “wait until next year” played out over and over again. GO ahead and keep riding and walking along in the wagon wheel ruts, just like the pioneers did, if it makes you happy.

I had another thought I wanted to share. It seems like a lot of people forgot about Isaac Nielsen transferring out of the program. SG might call him selfish for leaving, but do you think BYU just might have been able to use him this season?

He may not have been the best big man but I saw him spark the team on a few occasions with some solid play on defense and some scoring to go with it.

Is this another one that is on the coaches? It seems like he could have developed into a solid contributor for the team that was apparently lacking in a serious way.

It wouldn’t have been enough to overcome the Gonzaga thing because nothing ever is, but it might have helped them get past St. Mary’s into second place and win a few of those games they lost.

I think it’s obvious who will start next year. This year, he could have been used this year. Next year, not so much. He wants to play and not compete at the highest level. Bye bye.

We were a guard oriented team. Not as much as last year. We make more layups all season and we would maybe have 4 or 5 losses.

Well, my comment was directed toward dj36 because his comments were in regard to the issue of not having recruited legitimate big guys. Your reply? Wow, it is all over the place. So many things to digest and few of them are edible… nothing really specific to the team because every team out there could say the same thing about “making more layups” and having more wins. Ummm… okay, thanks for that piece of genius.

Anyhow, how many teams in the wcc had multiple players quit this past season? Seems like it is just another symptom of the bigger problems BYU had this year.

Jim H: Right on. The GU/SMCWCC got exactly what their script called for, both in the men and women’s championships.