Legend passes away

Longtime BYU athletics figure Glen Tuckett dies at 93 - Deseret News

Sad to see that.

The world needs more men like Glen Tuckett.

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With one summer session to go, there was a change in the language department that made it impossible to take a necessary class. He went to bat for me and I was able to take another class and graduate on time. He was a good leader.

He was the AD when Todd Santos set the career passing yardage record during a game at BYU and there was absolutely no acknowledgement or recognition of the accomplishment. Tuckett’s reasoning was that he didn’t want to “distract” from the game. Nobody’s perfect I guess.

Of course that was a great decision to give the scholarship to Sean Covey… :rofl:

This might help some of you understand my issues with nepotism and favoritism at BYU. It has been going on for decades. One of the primary reasons why BYU, since 1984 of course, really doesn’t do much in football anymore.

Having said that, RIP Tuckett he did more good for BYU overall.

Oh, good grief. So, only when we win a National Championship is when we are doing something great.

Nepotism happens in every walk of life, including our own church. Look at how many GA’s are related to former GA’s to get my point.

Some could even say that you benefited from nepotism because you were the bosses son. Although you put yourself through school, earn a engineering degree (which BTW, I am impressed with because I bailed before completing and went into IT instead).

For example the Reed boys, yes they played for their dad, but they also had the talent to play anywhere, in fact one of them transferred to Michigan after BYU dumped his dad and became a good player for that team that ran deep in tournament.

I have no problem with kids of former players playing for BYU as long as they are good players (most has offers from other schools, so I think that makes them legit).

As for you BYU not doing much since 1984, did you forget the 1996 team (14-1)? Also, the current downward spiral of BYU being “Good” started when the former coach of BYU who will be visiting BYU this weekend decided that it was more important to train men to become good fathers and providers instead of winning games. That is my personal opinion and may or may not be correct!

I happen to agree whole heartedly with you on this. It isn’t like we don’t try to get better players. We go after those interested in coming to a religious based school with all the perceived negatives with us (which aren’t true). And, we have had some really great years and players since 1984. And, I would submit that in those years, we played very few P5 level schools. If AP took into consideration our strength of schedule we’d be in the top 10 still. Especially if it hadn’t rained in one specific Qtr. So, you are correct, Sir.

The only year that BYU has been good in football was in 1984.

LOL!!! Silly comments…

A man who understood his place, BYU’s place in the world and had a vision.

Glen Tuckett was a good leader and representative of BYU. Yes, there are examples of poor choices by the AD to allow coaches to coach their own sons. It probably shouldn’t ever happen. The Reid’s weren’t high level players and shouldn’t have been on the BYU team with their dad coaching. It was never going to end well and it didn’t. Sean Covey was a huge mistake considering Mike Young was not only a better athlete but a better QB. But the donations were large by the Coveys. The Santiago clan was/is another example of kids who were not high level athletes but were kept around because of their father. One even worked his way into the AD department. Of course when that sort of thing is allowed to happen it hurts the programs and is a cancer for recruiting. The impact is felt long after the political choices are made. It appears that we are relatively free from that type of thing right now with only a few issues …. Like Sitake and Tui and maybe a little volleyball issue with a new recruit that is making waves in volleyball circles about an on campus recruiting coordinator getting the women’s VB program to sign his daughter when there were more talented girls around the country and State of Utah than his daughter. But the VB team has a history of not recruiting legacy girls even when they maybe should and they did recruit Chad Lewis’s daughter who was an excellent player but probably got the shaft and wasn’t allowed to play just because she was who she was. Not playing a 6’4” OH instead of a 5’10” OH lead BYU to beat down in the NCAA tourney. So I have a hard time linking the issue to Womens vb right now …. Just to be fair. But over all the school is relatively free from these controversies at this point in time. But the Administration has to keep an eye on this area and avoid it like the plague!

or you could just compare BYU to any other program in America…BYU comes out pretty clean. Everyone has their worts. I would be proud to send my kids to BYU. I also count Chad Lewis and Brian Santiago as friends

They are good guys. Lewis deserves his place in BYU history and his current responsibilities reflect his on field success. Santiago is where he is at because he played sports at BYU and his dads influence. His talent level along with his brothers didn’t merit high or even mid level D-1 status but his connections got him where he wanted to go. Personally a very good guy but I am just talking athletic accomplishments and merit of how they got where they are professionally. I also hope BYU can up their game as they enter the P5 realm and keep politics to a minimum ………

The Rose “retirement,” brand new contract, Emery debacle, assistant coach carousel and lazy recruiting were all allowed to go on by Santiago. Holmoe just followed Santiago’s lead until things finally blew up on them with the NCAA report and internal disclosures. But give credit to Holmoe and Santiago as they teamed up to get Pope. Which was as great of a hire as the prior poor execution was by allowing Rose to bumble along and tarnish the program with he and Santiago not keeping their eyes open enough to see early warning signs of trouble with Emery and a few others brewing. Santiago came very close to being asked to leave but Holmoe went to bat for him and the administration let it go. But the circumstances around the Rose/Emery issues were bigger than most people realized and Santiago was the direct supervisor and he was called on the carpet. He learned a valuable lesson that I hope will do him well over the rest of his career.

Anyway, I look forward to Bball season and what the staff has put together for a run at GU!

I will admit, that was bizarre, You and I were well past Rose and his favoritism and local recruiting although the Lone Peak 3 were as good a core as any in the nation at the time. I never questioned Santiago’s involvement, thinking it was Holmoe all along, at any rate, Pope is much better then I ever hoped and for what they get paid, his assistants are exceptional as well.

Tuckett did Take BYU into the national scene and Tom Holmoe has taken BYU to the next level and navigated the political scene about as well as anyone could of.

Yes, the horizon is bright for BYU Bball. Holmoe has done a good job and he deserves credit for keeping BYU independent and available to a P5 conference. BYU was ready when OU and Texas poked a hole in the dam and BYU was the first call B12 made to try to restore the luster. Lots of credit to Holmoe on many fronts and he can easily be forgiven in the couple of areas he wishes he could do over.

Santiago is a more talented administrator than a Bball player and with his personal skills he can be a credit to BYU in the new league. He is more of a detail guy than Lewis. He just has to be careful that his schmoozing and love of the sports scene doesn’t get him blind sided. Lewis is a good fundraiser.

BYU took a lot of heat for those LP3 guys. I still think it has some blow back on athletes from LP and BYU athletics. Just too bad. Just a very casual conversation with a big Utah (BYU) booster revealed that some coaches at LP aren’t the favorites of BYU coaches because of the size of their egos. It is a growing area in Alpine and just that fact alone brings affluence and good athletes. Sometimes HS coaches trick themselves into thinking they are the main reason for the success of teams instead of realizing it takes great athletes to also win championships. Egos of coaches in T&F, baseball, basketball, and volleyball at LP with the transfer of Maddie Robinson which completely caught BYU off guard ……makes it quietly whispered that LP coaches were involved after the Lewis girl got no playing time at BYU. The funny thing is that BYU got the Koerber girl out of Utah and she is probably the best player on the BYU vb team this season. But hopefully time will cure those feelings I think. LP Football evidently isn’t harmed in their BYU connections which is good.

Most people forget that the LP 3 had another couple of players with them in HS that were hard nosed defenders and perfect compliments on offense but they always drew the toughest D assignments. The 3 got the glory but the others …. Especially Shumway were the heart and soul of the defense. I still wish Pope and Co had Mika …… they would have really developed him.

The LP 3 we’re going to be really really good or a PR nightmare if things didn’t live up to the hype. I think the pressure was the final straw on Dave Rose. In ways he is still decompressing over the whole ordeal and it took a toll on him.

Well, have a good rest of the day Fish!

I always thought it was a great move by Rose to sign the LP3. Two wound up being elite players for BYU, but the wreckage caused by the third and Coach Rose and, if what you say is true, by Santiago really tarnished the whole thing.

2 out of 3 were everything they recruited them to be. Haws certainly earned his stripes at BYU and he had to endure Mica leaving for the pros but Emery…Everyone knows how I feel about Emery so we will leave it at that. Rose was done after the cancer. I have empathy for Rose having lost a brother to it just four years ago. Watching him go from a incredibly fit man to wither into a shell of a human over the course of several months changed me forever. I would not wish it on anyone.

We will never know why Rose got that extension then retired but I think it was a way to reward him of all the years of service and if that is the case, I am OK with it. Holmoe has my trust going forward.