Let’s help the coach thread

  1. Fundamentals have disappeared.
    Go back to basics on:
    A. Dribbling
    B. Passing
    C. Midrange shooting (less floaters)
    D. triple threat position
  2. Less hero ball and more assists

I guess since the team has imploded nobody wants to talk about it. Two weeks ago and hopes were high for a decent seed in the NCAA and now only a miracle will get BYU a bid. The 3 pre Gonzaga losses shouldn’t have happened. They have lost their focus and confidence. A 33 point loss at home to anybody indicates that BYU is probably not even an NIT team. Unless there is a dramatic turn around they will have a difficult time beating anybody left on their schedule. Maybe they can somehow get to 20 wins but it hardly matters as things stand now. This is as bad as it has been since the last games of the Rose era.

Right now I have them first in the NIT. But, a win at SMC would put them back in the NCAA. But, more specifically, they have to get out on the court and practice fundamentals. Passing and shooting for sure. Also, our assists have disappeared. Partly because of shooting partly because of the need to dribble and force shots. We used to call it hero ball.

The mens team needs to watch the womens team game film and see what it takes to do what is necessary to win games. The women were down 15 at halftime to Gonzaga and came out in the third quarter and outscored Gonzaga 19-3 to take a 1 point lead at the end of the quarter. They went on to win the game by 12. That is how you play. 27 point turnaround against a team that was 17-4. The BYU women looked like the men’s team in the first half, standing around, lack of effort, poor decisions, etc. and it was mostly mental. They got their crud together in the second half because they believed and stopped the stupid mental mistakes.

The men’s team is a bunch of head cases right now. It has been creeping in and now it has completely taken over the team.

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Have to go back to practicing fundamentals to get mentally back on track. Why is the pressure getting to them as well. They have a sports psychologist. Maybe need a new one?

Mark Durant said a couple of things that makes sense too. The offense should work from inside out. Get the ball down low and if the bigs can score do it. But also kick back out and get guards more open like AB. Still have to get back to fundamentally passing the ball correctly. And, the defense has to get back working harder and stopping offenses and rebounding better again.

What is there to talk about?
Interesting that this thread is about, Lets help the coach.

We have 3 guys that can play consistently night in and out. We have 2 guys that can have good games, are good defenders but are not the starters. We have 2 starters who can’t hit a shot, or have lost all confidence.
BYU is not able to generate enough points to win games, it is that simple.
Our Defense has dropped off as well. We can’t get stops when games are on the line.

Talking to my retired NBA coach, he says, "hey, if they can’t hit outside, drive or post inside. Duh.
Either Pope is unwilling to change his offensive plans, or he has to bench some guys and play the guys that are hitting in practice. Most teams this time of year are fine tuning. I watched Virginia and Oregon lose almost all of their early games and now they are giant killers. BYU on the other hand went from good ball to total implosion. Either it is the scheme or the players. Very worried, no lie