Lets talk about the pick move

I am watching baseball. I used to pitch. Let me tell you how to pick. You have a man on first so you are throwing from the stretch. As you stand there in your stance, notice where your right hand and glove are. They are right in the center of your chest. Success of the pick move depends on a quick move to first. Your first move is with your leg, which is easily detected by the runner. Cocking your arm adds another half second to the ball delivery to first base. The object here is to delete the cock move. This is how you do it. Instead of having the glove and ball right in the middle of the pitchers chest, move the ball location so it is right in front of the right shoulder area. About four to five inches from the center of the chest. The second you move, that starts the throwing motion to first base. You are throwing from that position.This is pure arm strength and has nothing to do with body motion. The movement of the body is cocking your arm. Basically you are throwing from that stretch position without a cock. This is a hard move, but if you can get the sequence down, and master it, you can pick not only first, but also second, quite often. It really works, but you have to practice it a lot to get it down. It is a timing issue. I always used to mark an area around first base where I would know that if the runner reached that area, I had him. You master this move, and that runners distance from first base, is reduced drastically. I assure, you this is hard to do. Your defense against a runner just got a lot better.