Liberty, what a sucky Christmas gift

Really, We have to play for 3rd place all because of our crappy play and crappy reffing.

The key to a Liberty win…Don’t let 5’9 Darious McGhee go off for 41 points!
Yup, I said 5’9

BYU is projected to win by 7.5 points 68-60
I will take that spread to cover. BYU 74-62- not happy

When I coached basketball, I taught my players how to jump stop. Is that not taught anymore?

How many times do our guards, ball handlers stop their dribble and get doubled or pressured when they should continue dribbling?

Teams have figured out that when we drive to the baseline we are going for a pass to the corner for an open 3 and they drop players now to stop the pass and trap our players forcing turnovers.

Our spacing gets messed up often. Johnson and Lucas dribble towards our own players and try to pass from 3 feet away weak lob passes only to get the ball stolen.

Granted the refs help the other teams. But, that’s no excuse for our mistakes that ultimately have caused 2 of the 3 losses. And will against Liberty if we don’t play better. The only saving grace against Liberty is they are a religious school as well that is not named Notre Dame. So, the refs don’t like either of us.

I said last week; what they play on Christmas Day? After that last night Game why stick around and just go home and spend time with family for Christmas.

Mark Pope said last night; the cougars never seems to get comfortable with the way it was officiated….

Did anybody heard what he said that phrase which I thought it was against the rule when coaches making comment like that? I am glad he said that because We are fed up with those officials not doing their job the proper way.

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3 no touch fouls on Barcello, one was the defender had locked arms with Barcello as he drove, Barcello had to free his arm, they call the foul on Barcello, make out best player sit for long periods. That was the difference in the game…Pippin gets to do what he wants, Barcello gets called for nada. game

:joy: :joy: :joy: LOL “saving grace”… :joy: :joy: :joy:

Alex Barcelo sick today? Foose sound like a fantastic player and how many minutes he played today W OW!!!

Foos Is the reason why we won today. He was everywhere blocking shots rebounding and everything making all his free throws dang guys a star. Makes me wonder why it took so long for Pope to make him our starting at five.
Man George sure makes me aggravated at times turning break away layups into a throwaway stepping out of bounds blah blah blah.
Thought Johnson pretty well shut down McGee in the first half.
Interesting that Knell is finally a starter. I was certain at the first of the year that he would be one of the five starters. He is so I need it out there to stretch their defenses out and give us places to work inside for Lucas and now Traore

What was up with Barcello? Another injury?
Seems like someone always goes off on BYU.
It was a win. But, 3 point shooting is still suspect.
Fousse might as well take some 3’s.

from what i heard pope say, was that Foos was having a hard time learning and understanding the terminology and schemes of the system.

Pope did mention that Foos work really hard trying to get up to speed with it.

What have you heard about Barcello and why he wasn’t playing?

He looked like somebody who was sick. Not injured. He had that look about him that people get when they have a virus. I think he was sapped of energy. Just my opinion. Pope did put him back in late in the game to shoot free throws and then took him out after he hit two.

The only I read is that he sat on the bench because he was ineffective on the floor.

Fouss Navidad: Career night from ‘hungry’ Traore helps BYU bounce back with win over Liberty |

That doesn’t give the reason for him to be on the bench. Had to be ill or a nagging injury.

From the article.

“With leading scorer Alex Barcello limited on the bench and mostly ineffective after scoring 9 points on 2-of-5 shooting, BYU coach Mark Pope turned to his bench.”

I read that. But, it only says fro the perspective of the writer he was ineffective. Not why Pope didn’t play him. Pope isn’t going to hold Barcello out because he only had 7 points up to the time he wasn’t playing. Barcello had games in the past where he scored at the end of games to win games. I’d say he was sick.
He won’t be needed for the next game.

Where did the writer get that opinion? From Coach Pope talking to him…

Maybe Aro was right and he was not feeling good, thus less effective and Pope realized that, so he put him on the bench.

Coach Pope will NEVER EVER say publicly that he sat a player because he was he was ineffective, that is not how Coach Pope rolls by dissing his players in public as some in the past has done.

The thing about AB is also brought out in that article where he was “coaching” Foos telling him things would work out… What a great teammate, helping an under grad with his confidence.

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Are you suggesting the only way to have an opinion is to talk to coach Pope? That’s ridiculous. I had the same opinion watching him against Liberty. By my visual eyes I could see that. Couldn’t you and make an opinion as well. No, I don’t think the writer had to talk with Pope to have that opinion.

Thank you for the rest of your post. Very good.

Sometimes Scott, Players just are in a funk and don’t play well. Not because they were sick or injured, but the simple fact that they just did not play well in games. Every player on the planet goes through unexplained “funks”, Kobe Bryant did, Karl Malone did, MJ did…, etc… It happens.

Here is what an article said:
" Pope somehow coached the Cougars past Liberty in Honolulu when his star guard Alex Barcello was struggling for the first time this season with no explanation why. In Hawaii, Barcello struggled to finish, couldn’t elevate, lacked energy and his shot had abandoned him. He had nine points on 2-of-5 shooting, his lowest output of the season in 23 minutes in the win over Liberty. In the loss to Vanderbilt, he wasn’t himself at all."

BYU basketball: Are Mark Pope’s pre-WCC dance moves working for Cougs? - Deseret News

Yep, he was sick…maybe Mono…

did you read the line that said 'NO EXPLANATION WHY"? No reason was given, you can’t ASSume you know what was going on.