Like I said make your shots

We are at the 12 minute mark and only 8 points and losing. Yet playing pretty good defense. We need to get the ball inside more.

So are you saying that “good defense” might help the team win? Right now it is keeping them close in spite of the poor shooting.

It just might have helped in the St. Mary’s game too… well, I’ll be danged maybe you are starting to see the light. All the fouls going against Pacific early are leaving BYU with no excuses.

Only up 11-9…

The difference today is Pacific sucks. SMU hit their shots. So, what I’m saying is if we hit our short shots last game we would have been ahead at halftime. Today we would be too. We aren’t hitting but they aren’t either.
Right now:
FG: 35%
3: 33%
FT: 57%

Lots of times there are reasons a team isn’t “hitting their shots”… some of those might be good defense by the opponent, not getting good looks, forcing shots, not being patient, turnovers, etc.

That sucky Pacific team was ahead by 3 until a 9-0 run to finish the half gave BYU a 6 pt. lead. The bottom line of all this is that BYU isn’t playing very well period… that is why they are 9-5 with some bad losses. This might be their first away win coming against a 3 win team…

Our D is good and 3 point shooting is at 40%. But our overall shooting is 33% and that is what I’m talking about. How many layups and short shots have we made? Very little. FT % is 60% and that is a poor too. Make shots and we would be up by 15.

Pacific could say the same thing… make shots and we would be up by 15… that is why this continued beating of a dead horse is old and tired. Making more free throws is a valid argument because they are uncontested and a player has 10 seconds to focus and make the shot.

The rest of your argument that BYU just needs to make their shots applies to every team. It is really a pointless comment.

Who cares what they say. It’s about us winning by making our shots. And did you see that sequence of layup shots we missed at about the 14:20 minute mark of the second half? That’s what I’m talking about. Lack of concentration.

“who cares what they say” ???

You are missing the point of the comment. All you are saying with “BYU winning by making their shots” is the same thing uninformed fans from other teams could say. There are different reasons for how a team “makes their shots”. A lot of it is from good defense, ball movement, hustle, making plays, patience, etc.

That’s all I’m saying. Lately we have been hitting and our defense hasn’t changed.

Look at that selfish KC stealing and Dunking:-)

LOL! what do you think the key to making this run to end the game is? You would likely say “well, they are making their shots” and while that is true, it lacks in depth analysis.

The reason they are doing so well (and you alluded to it with the “steal” comment) is that they changed their defense to a 1-3-1 and did it aggressively. Pacific got rattled and frustrated and I might add, started MISSING their shots, and BYU made a big run to blow the game open.

It was all related to a change in defense and aggressive play on the defensive end !!!

and Chatman finally gets some time with 1:30 to go… weak.

We played 1-3-1 against SMU too. They figured it out and had the athletes to get around it. I think we should play more zone. And mix it up too. Not the same zone each time down. The key is we didn’t weave and we set good screens getting open shots and making them. Our defense has nothing to do with that.

Are you trying your best to get somebody to make another “Jim is right - Scott is wrong” post?

Keep it up and your wish will come true.