LMU, for the win

1 Kinda missed Pepe tonight, knee injury. Best hair in D1. On a serious note, LMU had no inside game without Pepe.
2 BYU scores 54 to LMU’s 4 in the paint, wowza
3 Lohner went all world on LMU, let’s just hope he can continue his growth…or is it that LMU was that WEAK inside?
4 Lucas sure abused their guards, love how he just bullies his way to a layup.
5 Bacello has his worst shooting game of the year but 7 assists, wow, I could see him in the NBA where he never gets double teamed and defends like a mad man.
6 Foos had his way inside tonight, goes back to LMU’s lack of size tonight…Atiki has finally caught my attention. watch out next year.
7 39 rebs to LMU’s 23, BYU shoots 54% to LMU’s 38%. Spells blowout.
8 We finally get 10 or less TO’s in a game, whew
9 Who are we kidding ourselves? Anybody is going to look all world when they play LMU, they have now lost 10 straight.
10 Pope is looking for a Q1 game next week, where was the urgency when we played Pacific and SCU?

We also had 23 assists. That was something missing of late. That, with low turnovers made a big difference. Must do the same thing Saturday.

Happy for Lohner-he has come out of his doldrums the last few games and gained confidence. Nice team game last night-everyone contributed