Lohner and George in transfer portal

I was thinking the same thing. He came to play basketball his senior year in high school here in Utah, then went to BYU.

Maybe that was the reason he decided to go home so to speak. Missing family.

OR maybe the BYU girls were chasing him to much! LOL

So Lohner is heading home playing for Baylor bears. Wish him well to his new home so his family can see him many games to come. At least he didn’t break the “HONOR” code if went to the Utah red school. Anyway good luck to him

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If there was any discussion with Burgess about a move to Utah, I’m sure it would of gone something like this, “Hey Coach, What if I was to follow you up to Utah, what do you think?”

Burgess, “No”

Lohner, “Got it”.

Burgess," You should of stayed, it’s all between your ears"

Lohner, “Got it, But I can play for a National Title now’”

Burgess," From the Bench?? Love ya, have a nice life"

Lohner, “Hmmmmm, na, I’m golden, Love ya too”

Were you the preverbal “fly on the wall” in that discussion? LOL!

Maybe Pope told him he would be playing the 4 man and sometimes 5 again and Lohner said no. But, going to a team where he will not start? Weird.