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ran across an interesting tidbit that probably won’t make the newsfeed here.
“I was playing with Yoeli Childs (6-7, 220), who is going to BYU, Dewan Huell (6-10, 205, Miami), the kid going to Texas (6-10, 230 James Banks). Every time I get a chance to do something like that, I feel I want to take advantage of it,” Lightfoot said of working out with elite bigs.

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New Santa Clara athletic director Renee Baumgartner backed it up by saying, according to the Mercury News, “We’re going to treat this as a top-20 program. (Sendek) will have the resources to be successful.”

to run a horse race you need the horses. good day

even more foundational than the horses is the will and money to buy the horses.
which I think was all he was saying.
I take it as a good sign. Maybe something will change.

There is no doubt that Santa Clara is making changes to improve. But; The WCC is stuck in obscurity. SMC is very good in a lot of sports, baseball, rugby as well as some olympic sports but those sports are irrelevant. The only sports that could in America are

Football $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Basketball $$$