Looking ahead in the NIT

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Two of the teams that I thought would be final 4s, OK and SMU are out. Another #1 seed, Dayton is out. Tx A&M is a 1 and playing well, unfortunately, in BYU’s bracket.

WSU dismantled SMU at their place, where SMU had won 22 straight. They are playing good and have height, just the team that BYU does not play well against.

no matter what happens this year NIT, go cougs, four of the future B12 teams are still dancing…

and AZ is doing well too go tommy go

I agree. No matter what happens BYU made the final 8 of the NIT and there are some good teams in the tournament. Like the Hopper said, many of them are better than a lot of the NCAA tourney teams.

All of them except St Peters… LOL

Breaking down WSU. They have 3 players over 6’10 and #0 Abodigi is a freak athlete. The thing that jumped out to me is the their best outside shooters, #12 Flowers and #2 Roberts are just going to bomb away from outside knowing that WSU’s big guys can get the put back.

Flowers is their best players, leads the team is assists and points.

WSU is a much better defending team then BYU has faced so far in the NIT. they allow 56 PPG.
BYU allows 71 PPG, advantage WSU

BYU is only slightly better on offense, but makes 45% of its shots, WSU 40% Advantage BYU.

BYU has the home advantage and if they make some 3s this game really depends on how our big men play and if Lohner can stay out of foul trouble.

First team over 70 wins.

BYU To Host Washington State in NIT Quarterfinals - Vanquish The Foe

Having George and Knell shooting well from 3 takes pressure off Barcello. If they can stay hot that helps a lot. The big guys inside need to box out. Lohner can rebound with the best and Traore isn’t tall but he positions himself well.

If BYU can hit their shots, cut out turnovers and play defense I think they can win. Hopefully the officials know what they’re doing.

If BYU hits its shots, game over. Wsu is a very good defensive team and tall, just the type that BYU struggles with

Officials say they know. You did even though I would question that at times :slight_smile:
Good review. As detailed for a win that I give. Bravo!

BYU lost because they were outplayed by a bigger team with guards that made shots. BYU couldn’t keep pace and for awhile they seemed to give up. I didn’t like that but I understand as they were overwhelmed by big athletic guys and guards that played very well.

I think WSU is peaking…

The best game of the teams left is Washington State vs. Teas A&M. Both those tams are playing well, good enough to be in the sweet 16 in my opinion. We’ll see what happens.

I didn’t see that they were over-whelmed. The end result was they made 9-27 (33.3%) and BYU made 3-20 (15%) three point shots. 18 more points.
Also, our bench didn’t show up and there’s did. So, they wore us down some. But, we did get within 3 points in the 2nd half. Couldn’t make the shots. Not even some short ones too.

Yes, they were “overwhelmed”…

Overwhelmed doesn’t mean worn down. With 52 years in the martial arts, I could overwhelm you with kicks, strikes and other maneuvers in the first 5 seconds without wearing you out. Although, I’ve worn you down over the years with my overwhelming logic and reasoning. So, it could be both. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

What are we going to do for 160 days before football? I noticed we just picked up a defensive lineman from Alabama…

BYU led 22-21 with 6 minutes to go in the first half and they were down by 9 at halftime. That was the first “overwhelm”. Then in the second half they got back to within 3 in the first 7 minutes. Then, three minutes later, THREE MINUTES, they were down 16. That was the second “overwhelm” and the game was over. With 8 minutes to go they got within 13 but had really given up by then. They weren’t worn down, they were overwhelmed and quit playing.

This is the kind of stuff a basketball aficionado (a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.) would understand and intuitively know. I went back and checked to see if the play by play would confirm what I saw and yes, it did.


Nope. 2nd half we had few turnovers. What we didn’t have was 3 point shooting. Everywhere else we played them straight up even Stevens. Poor 3 point shooting. No overwhelming. Just like St. Peters today. Horrible shooting. Just like BYU.

Final score WSU - 77 BYU - 58

Even everywhere except the scoreboard. :rofl:

3 point shooting:
BYU: 3-20 = 15%
WSU: 9-27 = 33.3%

6 more 3’s = 18 points.

When you break down everything else, it’s pretty much even. Greg Wrubbel said the same thing on BYUSN.

Can we move on and start a new subject like NFL draft and BYU baseball. Stop the nonsense stuff!

You know I talk the truth.

What sense or logic is there in trying to justify a 20 point loss at home by saying “when you break down everything else, it’s pretty much even”. ?

No, it’s not “even”. It’s not EVEN close. BYU was overwhelmed and outplayed by a better team in this game. I am willing to accept that and move on, Hopper can’t seem to do the same.

I guess he didn’t watch the game, but he did compare it to St. Peters and UNC today. The peacocks were also overwhelmed and lost by 20 to Carolina.

That is good enough for me.

Now I know you don’t understand how to analyze games. Stick with refereeing. Well, maybe not that either :sunglasses:

Against UVU game in Orem Gavin Baxter knee gave out and Harwood done for the season were hard. Yes Mark Pope and his coaching staffs had to scramble retooling men’s basketball Team was overwhelming.