Looking ahead too far

Most commentators assume BYU will beat Santa Clara and then play Gonzaga.
If they beat Gonzaga then the assumption is that BYU will play SMC.

drives me nuts.
Assuming chalk holds to the semi’s BYU Gonzaga will be one game and Pepperdine SMC is the other.

BYU Gonzaga is a tossup.
SMC Pepperdine who knows. Pepperdine beat SMC twice this year…

Listening to a recording of the Coach Rose show from Tuesday.

At the beginning they were talking about how they wouldn’t be seeing each other again for awhile…unless.
Coach Rose commented, well hopefully we can get nine more, referring to games and I think wins.
3 for the WCC championship, 6 for the NCAA?

6 ncaa doesn’t sound right because he needs to ad Tuesday play in. Total 10 games. 9 sound right for part wcc and NIT. I know I am being negative. Anyway just win today. Go Cougars!

Typically it is almost impossible to win three in a row. Statistics play that out for the most part if the teams skill levels are generally even like St Marys and Peperdine are.

Well, someone will :wink:

Looks like St. Mary’s struggled for a long while tonight. The first game can be the most difficult for the tournament.

I will be shocked if BYU beats Gonzaga on Monday.

There is a reason that the Zags have been to the finals of the wcc tournament sixteen straight years and ncaa tourney 17 straight.

I don’t need to say why because everyone knows the reason. They have had some good teams that deserved to be there and played at a very high level. Unfortunately they have also had some average teams that were helped along the way once in awhile (see this season).

The best chance for the wcc to get two teams into the ncaa tourney this year doesn’t involve BYU. They will look for a Gonzaga-St. Mary’s final. That is the only way it can happen so look for it.

No, BYU wins out over St. Mary’s and both BYU and SMU will go :slight_smile:

No Scott. BYU wins out smc will stay home but they had to take GU. GU will have the higher seed and BYU play in. NCAA loves GU and wouldn’t allow Zags to stay home. Sad as it is. :wink:

SMU won the regular season and place second in the tournament. SMU goes…

Don’t you remember how Jim Hawks said about GU that they are the “Darlings”. Sure, if both BYU & SMC play in the finals and we wins it. Then it should be those two going.

I just don’t see two wcc going to ncaa this time!

At. Mary’s has had a good enough year to go. They aren’t even in the first in or out talk. They are in.
As far as Jim’s talk about darlings, they go every year and win because they consistently recruit overseas and think out of the box every year. Jim just likes a good controversy or in otherwords, a good conspiracy. And that’s okay. Keeps people interested and helps rationalize losses.

Well, we need to keep on winning and hope we clicked in all cylinders to beat the Zags, including at the FT line. Go Cougars!