Looking forward to the remaining games on the year

BYU plays all of the tough games at the Marriot…Pepperdine, Gonzaga, and SMC. I am going to say that all of those are “Wins”. BYU plays patsy’s on the road except for SF. I can’t see why BYU can’t go undefeated over the last 10 games.

IF!!! BYU were to go undefeated the rest of the way and SMC were to lose at our place and once on the road (they have GU to play on the road). Gonzaga will lose at our house. Everyone would be all tied up but I think SMC would still win the crown…at any rate I would think that BYU would get an invite if we won out.

Most likely scenario is that BYU loses 1 of the last 10 and has to win everything in Vegas, something we have never done and with this squad, we will not get it done either. The WCC will not get 3 invites so BYU is an NIT team or a 1st round bust for sure.

BTW, I watched the Providence/ Villanova game and those dudes would beat BYU by 20.

I think we can still lose 2 and maybe have a play in game. We have to finish strong!

At this point last year BYU was a bubble team with a similar record because they had a couple of good wins. They don’t have any this year, not even Gonzaga is a good win at this point. GU is an average team that is in danger of not making the cut either.

Read this thread on cougarboard, it has some good information.

Anyhow, BYU is nowhere near the sniffing point of making it to the big dance. If they can get on a roll and get a win streak going then they will be inching closer but at this point they need to win the wcc tourney. Maybe that changes based on what they do between now and then but they haven’t impressed so far.